25-minute sketch

by Martnar87, May 18th 2021 © 2021 Martnar87

Final result of my first 1-hour class.

Polyvios Animations

Way to gom Martnar. Way to go on how you sketched and drew out your sitting pose.

Well, I feel that this attitude is a bit to stiffer for my sensibilities, and I feel that the forces and forms are getting to be on the right track. Would you kindly work out your quick sketching of any and every figure quick sketch, with this Interactive drawing tutorial here, if you haven't already???

The reason why is because, even if it's for the noobs and the masters, it is totally and extremely useful for you, in terms of rendering out your forces, forms, and details, quickly and confidently, but slowly and carefully.

My hat's off to you, and stay cool, healthy and safe, and have fun with your new goal.


Thank you very much for your kind comments. I'll definitely check the link you sent out because I do have a problem with stiffness and quick sketches! Thanks for the feedback!


The face is the main weak point here, it's awkward and the eyes have an uncanny feel and the lips should be less outlined. The feet could use some work too. Besides that I don't have any immediate comments


Thank you for your critique. The feet I can see because I haven't honestly dedicated to much time to nailing them down on their own and I should pay more attention to them in these exercises. Regarding the face, it is also a weak point that I need to practice in these full-body drawings, because the size of the face leaves so little room for error and I'm still struggling there. Thank you for your feedback!



nice drawing!

suggestions for improvement:

in 25 min. poses try to start with light lines. Develop the movement and pose of the body to capture it more dynamicly & balanced, then add values and shadows cosciously.

If it is not a conscious stylistic decision: Be cautious about the bold outlines. If you use outlines, do not scribble them, draw them in one line.

Hope this is helpful!

Have fun!


Thanks a lot! That's a good catch and something that I'm working on by using a pen. I just finished a second 25-minute drawing -- I'll post it in a while -- that I think does a better job with what you suggest.


I think this is wonderful work.

Everything well put and shadows.

I say keep up the good work. You will start to relax. It is best to stand for full shoulder movement.

Most of all have fun.


Thank you! I do admit I'm still working on relaxing as I feel a bit stiff when it comes to the different joints in my arm, something that I hope will become more natural the more I draw.


I'm about this level of drawing, and what I find is a good way is to remember to breathe as we draw. I find this relaxes me and my lines tend to be more fluid and relaxed. Hope it works for you..; Great job..


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