Blind force

by Martnar87, July 7th 2021 © 2021 Martnar87

I haven't drawn in about two weeks and I'm slowly getting back into it. I've been reading Force by Michael D. Mattesi and started working on the exercises. This is an attempt at the "blind force" exercise where you look at the page once every minute, though I must admit that it was about once every 15 seconds. Enjoyed the exercise but gonna focus more on practicing this approach.

Aunt Herbert

Haven't really tried that method myself so far, but it's on my to do list. Your result looks great, especially the belly and thighs.


u r doing great! in those speed drawings we do it is important to understand the fluidity of the body figure and i honestly think u got it. avoid doinf a lot of small lines and do just one following the figure, the more u do i the better



Polyvios Animations

Great job on your application of technique. Very great job, and I really feel that you're on the right track. I think you're completely, really off to a greater start.

I've got one tinier, smallest and littlest suggestion to help you improve: I love the pose, but I've got one smallest issue in two parts. The pose is choppy in the lines , but otherwise, it really the greatest. 1) I said the lines, I feel, are too much choppiest. 2) I really think that this line of rhythm is not getting enough of the plastic exaggeration in the forces, here. Would you please kindly do 30 minutes of 1 minute (60 second) memory drawings? (all looking at the model with 15 seconds each) (30 memory drawings of bodies) The reason is as a result, your poses will become the most boldest and the most confident and deliberate in the lines and contours in the poses for your cartoon and animation drawings(if you're into those things)

Good luck to you, and my hat's off to you.

Addie MNR

The drawing really express the moviment, looks very natural and organic, and considering the time and the fact that is anatomic correct you did a impressive job.

Joshua Chronstedt

Good proportions. I think this one would be even better if you use long, flowing, confident lines and accentuate the lines closest to the viewer.

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