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by Martnar87, May 18th 2021 © 2021 Martnar87

These three images are 10-minute sketch and two 5-minute sketches. I thingk I spend too much time on the upper body and need to focus more on nailing down the lower body as well.


Hey Martnar87, these look great. The proportions look good. What helped me the most was the book called Force: Dynamic Life Drawing. I would recommend doing the exercises from that book to learn more gesture and movement in your drawings.

Keep up the good work!


Thank you very much! I have that book on my wish list and looking forward to getting it soon!

Polyvios Animations

Great job on those dynamic poses, Mart, way to go.

Well, if I was to suggest an improvement, that I'm not getting enough cartooniness and animation and comics in those poses. Would you kindly loosen up those lines of action and rhythm with 60 minutes of 29 second quick poses of the humans? (3600 seconds/ 29 second poses=124 figure ballet poses and other attitudes and manners) The reason why you could and would, should do this suggestion is, although it's my idea of improvement, then you'll be able to get more stonger and ambitous dynamics in the quick attitudes.

Good luck to you and your future goals.


Thanks PA! Like many other users noted, I think right now the focus should be more on getting both my arm loosen up and getting the proportions right. The style is something that can be worked on later.


I can see you are practicing and the motion of gestures comes through best in the hands and arms, and in the pose on the left - the legs. the torsos and overall gestures are stiff and not clear - i would trace and practice understanding the structure (which i practice alot always trying to get better). For instance, a quick trick is that whichever way the shoulders tilt, the hips tilt opposit....so if you draw a straight line, tiled down - the hip under the lowest part will be tilted up. Your hard work will keep paying off! :)


Thank you very much. I need to make sure to incorporate the line of action, perspective, and the flow of the shoulders and hips. Maybe I should do more 30 second sketches to nail these down and loosen up, and then work on the full range in the longer drawing sessions.


I agree that you've done a good job with the upper body proportion-wise. I would suggest looking into the skeletal structure around the torso area for the drawing on the left, the waist area looks a bit cut off. For your 5-10 minute sketches you want them to look more realistic than the gestural sections, so I would suggest lightly drawing the structural lines that you have to mark out the parts of the body, and with heavier lines drawing the muscles outlines. You want the structure, but with 10 minutes you want the picture to look alive. The easiest way to do this is to maintain a solid outline without lines in the middle of limbs. A very good set of drawings, all of my suggestions aside from the muscle and skeletal studies are cosmetic.

TLDR: Lighten up the "mannequin" structural lines, make the outline the weight you drew with for these drawings but nail down muscles and that will make the drawings look less stiff. Your understanding of these structures is good enough to move on to the next step: Making the drawing look alive and dynamic.

Good drawings, and good job!


Thank you for your advice. I need to work on how hard I press down my pencil/pen in order to make sure that the base layer is lighter and the skin/flesh is more marked.

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