human gesture 30 sec

by Joshrichter91, August 29th 2021 © 2021 Joshrichter91

any critisim is appreciated

Polyvios Animations

Marvelous and unbelievable work on your quickest sketches of the figure drawings, joshrichter91. I totally and completely love and admire your range of motion and emotion of the lines of action and of rhythm.

My tinier, small and littlest suggestion to improve is that though your lines are slowly, ever so slowly improving your fluidity and economy, but I feel that 7 lines are pretty much too excessive for me and my sensibilities. Would you like to be able to cut down your line mileage with 6 lines, by warming up thru 30 more minutes of 25 second figure sketches???? (1800 seconds/25 seconds=72 poses in a day)

Though your lines will become even more perfectly readable and perceptable in that round, then your lines will become the most scribbliest with interest in the motion, if you put them all in motion, like a Post-It flippad.

Good luck to you and your current and future goals.

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