10 minute study

by Sammers092, December 6th 2021 © 2021 Sammers092

I used one of the poses from this site and studied it for 10 minutes. I had a little difficulty because the shoulders and hips are pointing different directions. Played a little more with line weight.

Spooky Ibuki

Looks great so far! just be mindful of where the knees point in the figure. The models right knee seems to be pointing a little too far to the left.

1 1

Buena práctica, creo que un poco de cuidado con las proporciones, en especial las piernas y los brazos.

Chase Makes Art

Excellent gesture and volume! The crotch area is maybe a bit high, though. Remember: The belly button should rest at the base of the ribcage. And the distance between the belly button and the groin is about the same distance as the belly button to the sternum. Keep up the great work!


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