5 and 10 minute studies

by Sammers092, December 31st 2021 © 2021 Sammers092

I definitely felt my lines were stronger, and I had cleaner form with better movement on both. For the 10 minute I focused on volume without adding shadow.


Hi, good work!

You did capture the line of action well!

Have you considered varying the weight of your line (thickness and force)? You could make the lines thicker, where force (holding against gravity) is applied.


I really love both of these. You've really captured the movement beautifully and you've done a great job at adding volume without shadow as you said. My one critique would be to look at the foreshortening in the 10 minute one. Where the pose is being looked at slightly from above, the legs and arms need to be shorter and taper slightly as they move further away. I think the hand could do with being smaller too. The far shoulder and pec also looks slightly bulkier than the right shoulder.


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