by Sammers092, December 31st 2021 © 2021 Sammers092

Spent some time paying attention to the overall movement of the body and the way the shoulders faced a different direction than the hips and I based my main lines off of that. I also focused on the direction of light, and grounded the subject with shadows on the ground.



Nice overall drawing. My only suggestion would be to lighten up the line and vary the edge from light to dark. This minor detailed edit can convey the weightiness of the form, along with its delicacy.

There is a temptation to draw darker lines when the skin pigment of the subject is darker. I think quite a few of us fall prey to it, and it can devalue our drawings once we forget that skin pigment does not equal line quality.

All the best,

JCML Fine Art


Lovely shading and shadows! I love how well you've blended, especially on the inner thigh. The excellence of the left (far) upper leg may be why the head and shoulders look incomplete; also since it's the middle (ish) of the body, it captures my eye rather than allowing (or leading) it to move around the figure.

I also like how you faded out the briefcase, not only increasing the sense of depth, but keeping the viewer focused on the figure itself.

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