Arm study

by Sammers092, January 30th 2022 © 2022 Sammers092

Taken while taking Watts Atelier structural anatomy course

Jhoana Uh4

Me encanta aunque primero en el boceto podrías aplicar trazos más suaves y no marcar tanto hasta el final y en dónde tenga una sombre más pronuncia pero en cuanto a la proporción está muy bien, sigue usando figuras, vas muy bien, saludos.


This is good! You've got a good idea of arm shape and in the second picture you really captured the flow of the human arm.

Sydney Grace

This is amazing! You really showed the muscles and structure of the arm.


This is really great! Easy to tell you already have some good base ground on anatomy. May I sugest to take into more details about each muscle? Every fiber is intertwined (obviously, you don't need to go THAT hard drawing each fiber of our body hehehe), but my point is, you can get a better understanment about how arms work and how the muscles work to make moves going more on how these work, so putting more detailing on shadows, important outlines and features may give you a more fruitful time on studying.

Hope this helps even a itzy bitzy

Best wishes for ya!

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Polyvios Animations

Sammers092, good afternoon to you. Awesomest job on your grounding of anatomy of bones and muscles of arms and hands. Looks like you've got it completely and totally on the right track, I'd say! Keep going, keep up the greatest jobs indeed.

Notwithstanding, I've got one tiniest, smallest idea: I'm so totally loving so much the range of speed and confidence of the lines of your arm bone and muscle anatomy, but I'm still not really getting enough of the caricature and cartooning aspects of those. Why don't you please speed up your lines and futher economize your line quantities and qualities with 2 hours of 1 minute sketches of different arms, arm bones, and arm muscles? As a result, your poses will become not only the solidest, but the most dynamic, vitalest, energetic, fluidest, liveliest, and appealing. Not to mention the fact that your arm anatomical structures will become the most clearest in forces, forms, as well as the details. For the furthest details, check out some anatomy videos by Proko on YouTube,like this link for those free videos and more exclusive content.

My hat's off to you, and I hope you'll find these totally and absolutely beneficial, helpful, encouraging, and useful.

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