Quick sketch

by Asimpson0414, January 5th 2023 © 2023 Asimpson0414
Polyvios Animations

Good morning, Asimpson0414, and welcome aboard again. Nicer job on your motion and holistic quality of your drawn poses. Very great indeed!

But however, I'm still not seeing you draw more from your shoulders enough for lines, even they are a lot more clearer to me. How would you please exaggerate your movements and organic forms with a 30 minute class of figures, all flipped vertically?

The reason why you could take this bit of constructive criticism is because of two things: 1) To help you observe things even better the way any artist should, and to tap into the right side of the brain, meaning the artistic brain. 2) To make your sketches a lot most cartoonier and expressive.

If you're completely inquisitive about the drawing process for animation and cartooning, be sure to check out the Ben Caldwell books, Action! and Fantasy Cartooning. Good luck and we hope these have been positively, absolutely useful.


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