gesture drawing - 30s

by LoveTheBic, September 15th 2018 © 2018 LoveTheBic

beginning of a 1 hour gesture drawing session.

This page 30s drawings.


Hey LoveTheBic, I've put together a little experiment for your entertainment! Haha I made a few cuts when I talked the most crap but I hope you will get something out of this :3 Currently taking a schoolism class on figure drawing so the concept is still fresh to me which naturally will result in some errors.

Sanne - Site moderator

Oh WOW this is the first time I've seen someone post a video with personalized and helpful critique for someone else! That's amazing, thank you for sharing that!


Haha yeah it was a long time since I laughed this much actually I kept contradicting myself all the time saying stuff like 'dont look at the overall figure' then seconds later 'you should look at the overall figure' :D, but I'll definitely do this again - critiquing really makes you understand that sometimes you don't really know the things you say. My advice can run away from my capabilities sometimes, this way everyone can tell what level I am and maket their own minds up on how serious they should take my critique


Hi Line! And thanks for the critique and the video! Its nice to see drawings explaining the critique. I understand better. How did you get that? Do you post on Youtube and then add a link here?

Regarding the poses: I was trying to get the overall silhouette without action lines (not enough time). I wanted to get the main lines of the outside. But i guess i want to go too quickly to complex shapes.

Good idea you suggested to use geometric figures! I may try a session of 30s poses with only squares circles and other shapes, see what comes out.

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