Fundraising update #1

In the last 18 days, we've raised almost $3,000, or 30% of our first funding goal.

That's a great start, but with 31,000 people using the site per week, we have room for improvement. ;) There's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be able to hit all of our goals before this fundraiser is over, and get all of the incredible new features and photos the community deserves!

Here's what we've been up to and how you can help to get the word out about Line of Action.

Please help by sharing our promo videos

We've put together two promo videos, and posted them publicly to our new Facebook page! Please share from our Facebook posts to help get the word out!

Fundraiser extended

Now that we have these great promo videos, we're extending our fundraiser until the 21st to give us all more time to get the word out. The more capitol we raise in June and July, the more of our new features and photo shoots can be implemented this year! The Line of Action community deserves a great big juicy update, and I am chomping at the bit to be able to create them for you. :)

New backer reward added

After a few of you made requests, we have added a permanent lifetime membership to the $200 backer tier!

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far

Already contributed? Consider doing so again to raise your contribution level and get an even better set of thank you rewards!

Do you have ideas about how we can get more backers? Please let us know!



Hello- I donated a few weeks ago-- but when I log in this isn't reflected, I keep getting a message that I haven't donated...and there doesn't seem to be any person I can reach out to!

Kim - Site admin

Hi there! I assume you're looking at the "Your Support" page -- this is an old page that represents the day to day donations people have been giving for years to help us with bandwidth costs, not the current fundraiser. It says this on that page:

"This section of the site is used for keeping track of the day-to-day bandwidth contributions that people have been giving for years; our current fundraising goal is separate, and those contributions will not be displayed here."

When the new site features are built, we'll be emailing out codes to everyone who donated that will allow you to apply your backer perks to whatever account you like, whether it's a currently existing one, a new one, or even a friend if you'd like to give your code away. :) In this way, your benefits will be kept very flexible!

I hope this answers your question and helps put your mind at ease.

By the by, you can reach out to us via email here: (this link is typically accessed via the FAQ page, because so many of the questions people email us are already answered there.)

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