News & announcements

News & announcements: Updated look

Updated the look of the site to make it easier to get around, and added this home page so that updates could be published. I am actively looking for more images to include in the gesture drawing tools. If you are a photographer, or know of a photographer you could put me in contact with, who is willing to provide written permission to use their images in these tools, please contact me!... Continue reading

News & announcements: New figure & animal images, better shuffling

A dozen stunning new images by Magicc Imagery, and one exquisite dark skinned beauty by Marcus Ranum were added to the human gesture drawing tool. We need a wider range of skin tones! A dozen new animal pics, from Irie Stock and thiselectricheart. Rewrote part of the scripts to make shuffling more efficient and less buggy.... Continue reading

News & announcements: Added donation button

Noticed that the bandwidth costs for hosting the gesture drawing tools are steadily climbing as they gain popularity, and on the advice of a few of the users have added a paypal donation button to help defray the costs. If you happen to have a few dollars, it's appreciated, but please do not feel obligated! I know a lot of you use the tools because you are students wanting to improve, and I know what... Continue reading