Nous commençons à traduire Line of Action en plusieurs langues

Bonjour les amis ! Bonne nouvelle -- nous entamons le difficile processus de traduction des parties les plus fonctionnelles de Line of Action dans d'autres langues, afin de rendre nos ressources artistiques accessibles à encore plus de personnes dans le monde. C'est un processus difficile sur le plan technique et linguistique, mais après quelques semaines intenses, nous semblons avoir pris un bon départ. Une grande partie du code nécessaire est maintenant en place et une bibliothèque des termes, expressions et paragraphes les plus urgents a été compilée.

Sur le front des langues, notre première passe est réalisée avec une traduction automatique pour le chinois (simplifié ou traditionnel), le coréen, le japonais, le français, l'espagnol et le néerlandais. Comme notre modératrice Sanne est de langue maternelle néerlandaise, elle travaille à corriger les nombreuses erreurs grammaticales et contextuelles de la traduction automatique, et la traduction néerlandaise du site est déjà en meilleure forme que les autres. Je suis certain que cela continuera de s'améliorer dans les jours et les semaines à venir au fur et à mesure qu'elle progresse dans le processus de relecture.

Nous avons toujours besoin d'aide pour les autres langues. Si vous êtes un locuteur expérimenté du chinois (simplifié ou traditionnel), du coréen, du japonais, du français ou de l'espagnol et que vous souhaitez nous aider à améliorer nos traductions, votre aide est la bienvenue ! Vous pouvez rejoindre notre projet de traduction ici :< /p>

Si vous rejoignez le projet de traduction, je vous recommande de filtrer les traductions automatiques afin de pouvoir revoir et corriger ce que les machines ont fait, comme ceci :

Je suis tellement ravi que nous nous attaquions enfin à ce projet. Je voulais faire ça depuis tant d'années. Merci à tous ceux qui peuvent présenter ne serait-ce que quelques mots. 


Kim - Administrateur du site

For people interested in this project, I've started a forum topic here to talk about translation challenges:


Great news ! thanks for everything


I've been involved in the translation of a website before and I know it is a huge job! Nicely done!

Kim - Administrateur du site

Thanks! It is indeed a no-joke process, even translating limited portions of the site.


This is very helpful, thanks


It's cool that you improve your site for users from different countries. Therefore, I ask you to add the Ukrainian language. Thank you for responding to my request.
And sorry for my poor knowledge of the English language

Kim - Administrateur du site

I will add it to the list of requested languages! :)


Thank you:)

Polyvios Animations

Dear Kim,

Please would you add in the Greek language, because there are people out there who read, write and type Greek better than I'll ever be? Thank you.

Paul Christoforos

Anton (unregistered visitor)

Can you translate into spanish (spain)?

Sanne - Modérateur du site

We are interested in making the site as widely available as possible, so Spanish is definitely on our 'we want this too' list! We're working with limited capacity for how many languages we can translate at once, and we rely a lot of volunteer translations, so we can't make any promises on how soon other languages are available.

If you're interested in helping us translate the site to Spanish in the future, feel free to sign up for a free account and discuss it with us on this topic:

Kim - Administrateur du site

We actually have a volunteer who just finished a Spanish pass! However, they are not a native speaker, and are really wanting us to get some native speakers to look at it before we release it. So we are definitely looking for volunteers for that language!

limoncito´ (unregistered visitor)

tratare de ver como es esta pagina para aprender a dibujar un poco mas aya de las figuras geometricas , luego de esa cesion tratare de dar mi comentario acerca sobre la pagina, ¡Gracias!

Noha madkour (unregistered visitor)

Can you please add an Arabic language to make it easy for me ?
And thank you for this website.

Kim - Administrateur du site

I will add it to the list of requests and see what we can do! :)

Luiz (unregistered visitor)

Ola Kim, Uma boa tarde do Brasil para vocês. E, é lógico que os Brasileiros também vao adorar essa noticia de linguagem Português do Brasil.(BRAZIL)

Paulina 08 (unregistered visitor)

It's great to see that you've done so many languages already!
And if you ever decide to add russian language, I would volunteer to help with translation. :)


It's great to see that you guys trying to reach more people. If you ever want to add Turkish (which is a language 5 other Turkıc countries can also understand) I would volunteer to help with it


Please start translating into Greek


A little question:when I setting the time zone, I can't find China in Asian zone. There are only Taipei and Shanghai, and a city in Russia called "Chita". Is this a mistake? Because all of China is in the same time zone, which is UTC+8.Also, Taipei and Shanghai are just one "city", not a province or country,I'm cofused.
(Taipei is a city of Taiwan Province)
I think line of action is a very good website,and I am also very willing to recommend this website to friends,hope this is a a unintentional mistake.

Kim - Administrateur du site

We use the official PHP (programming language) timezone list to ensure compatibility. For most places it choses a few main cities to represent an area. For example I do not live in Los Angeles, but it is the closest city in my timezone so that is what I choose.


i think the more rewarding part would be give the pro subscription (for a period of time) for free to those who contribute translation to the line of action website.
this will encourage more people to translate your website to other langauges. because getting pro for free is very attractive to those who wants to contribute.

i can contribute some Russian translation to this website but i just dont have time because i practice drawing a lot.

anyways thank you for making this website

Kim - Administrateur du site

I have in fact given full membership time to several translators who did a great job :)


hey also class mode seems broken. im currently using chromium. i gone through almost 80 images and still didnt get a time extention of 1 5 10 minute study. can you look into that?


i had gone to the animal class section specifically.

Kim - Administrateur du site

Are you sure you're in class mode? If you're in class mode, it should say "Xmore images of this length" in the top right corner. If it doesn't tell you how many are left, you aren't in class mode.

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