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    Nice try on posting, but I still don't have access to your link. Why don't you please grant me permission?

    Why???? Because, you couldn't be shy, and you really could benefit to you, me, and all of us here, to critique your work on that link.

    Hope you'd find it an extremely crucial asset.



    Wow! Nice job on those quick drawings you've put out, Gorkem, those are very greater!!

    If I was to propose a workout of the bugs, then it would be to, would you please do 43 more minutes of 30-second poses of all states of dress?

    The reason why is because, it'll give you a lot of practice on how to pose the funniest attitudes in terms of ideas and energies.

    Hope it's been completely and totally big.


    I have no experience. I have know knowledge on playing Splatoon, in terms of the story and characters, and experience. I'm saying that your poses are getting to be on the right track.

    I think, that if I was to give you a suggestion to improve those bodies of arms of either sister character, then it would be to really and totally make to Left girl more timider, while you make the older sister much more bolder as far as the lines of action and balance are concerned; all warming up to 42 minutes of 30 seconds of Nintendo and Splatoon poses, all working more loosely and confidently, would you please do those?

    The reason is because, your acting and posing choices will become even most stronger in terms of the vitality and humor. Ooh, and one more thing, would you like to please add a brighter, but not to bright pink highlight on one of the sister's tentacles. So, it'll make the values and colors more perfectly readable.

    Hope they have been completely and totally a pivotal and vital asset. Happy cartooning!


    Nice work, alfeilia, I've seen your gestural poses so far, that's very brave of you, indeed. You've chosen the path to be a much more greater artist than you've ever dreamed of.

    If I could recommend you an improvement, then it would be to caricature and exaggerate the poses and attitudes even more looser and unbounded. Why don't you please warm up with 41 minutes of 30-second figure studies?

    The reason why is because, your relationships will become much insightful and sensitive, and your line quality and consistency will become even more bolder and lightest.

    Hope it's been completely and totally active.


    Excellent job on your figures, hands, and feet, Eunlan, especially on your gestures and proportions!

    So, if I was to give you a completely honest suggestion: it would be to please go right into the lines of action with 34 minutes of 30-second poses? The reason why is because, as a result, your hands, feet and figures will have a more unprecedented range of movement, like you've never done before or since.

    Hope it's been completely and totally constructive.


    Absolutely brilliant sketches of figures, felinel, they're absolutely great.

    But I've got one small, tiny. little request: I love how the big strokes are being felt there, but why don't you please unshackle them in 31 minutes of 30 second poses?? And why???? Because, it'll make your much broader strokes become even more forceful and sincere in attitudes.

    Hope this piece of advice is definitely salutary.


    I love those quick poses, HelpMeFriends, I think you've really gotten the message of that exercise. Quick sketching is not about how beautiful your sketch is, it's how fast you can put it out with as few lines as possible.

    If I was to give you 2 suggestions, then they would be:

    1- Work more from your shoulder and lesser from your wrist.

    2- could you please do 30 minutes of 30 second life drawings from here and the rest of the Web?

    The reasons why is because: a) you'll not be able to spend as much time on the details, still, you can get to be more faster and economic with your line quality. b) Your gestural poses will become even more funnier and most caricatured in motion.

    I hope they've been completely and totally propitious.


    Love how you understand your back anatomy, that's extraordinary.

    If I can suggest you a recommendation, then it would be to sketch out the same backs, only in 27 minutes of 30 second poses, please? The reason why is because, your backshots will be even most cartooniest and expressive in gestures and poses.

    Hope it's been completely brave.


    Very perfect class drawings, laitochris. I really love your gestures, and your very light lines and touches. So, I've got one small recommendation: if you're new to this website, then why don't you please check out using this drawing tool??

    So, they could give you a really bigger boost up in your spontaneity, if you are a beginner or an expert.

    Hope it's been completely and totally valuable to your current goal.


    Great work on your first attempts, lafie-safie, that's a very excellent start!

    I'd like to ask you one question today: What is your current goal? The reason why is as a result, you and I would know what you want to achieve.

    Hope it's been completely and utterly useful.


    Nice job on your first-ever attempt at Force, trex_junior, very beautiful job.

    Now, if I would, if I could help you out one something with your study, it would be these three--even if I'm not really an expert on figure studies (I'm sure)but I'll try and do it.

    1) Yes, this drawing looks like you've been applying the Force properly, in terms of the gestures.

    2) I see your line weights look just as fine to me, but why don't you please vary the line weights, in 15 minutes of 30 second figures, from the Force book?

    3) Love where your are going for - or tried to go for- in your figural shading. However, nice try, but the figure doesn't look and feel like it's shaded strongly yet. Could you please go check this out here.

    The reason is because: a) you'll improve fairly quickly and effectively in your quick sketches in your loose frameworks. b) you'll be a lot more strongest in your line thicknesses, if you go for a softer pencil, like a 4b pencil. c) You'll really get closer to what you want and need to aim for in your sketching.

    Hope they've been completely and totally useful in advance.


    Nice practice performance, marisa, on your first ever posts of drawings. That's a great job!

    If I was to recommend you on something like your figures is this post, then it would be to focus on the forces and forms, in 5 1-minute poses, please?

    And do you know why?? Because, if your goal was to understand sensitivity into human proportions, then you can, shall, and will go for it.

    Hope it's been completely and absolutely what the doctor ordered.


    I absolutely love all of those sketches you've put out, Goshgoo, that's very excellent! Greater potential.

    If I was to give you some constructive critisim, I'd really recommend on improve your flow, dynamics and liveliness in 27 minutes of 30 second sketches of figure drawings, pretty please?????

    The reason why is because, your traditionally hand-drawn forces will become the most vitalest and cartooniest and funniest. Say, I'd recommend looking up some animations of Disney Animators, Fred Moore and Bill Tytla, on Google or DuckDuckGo.

    Hope it's been completely and totally salutary.


    Excellent promise in your figure shading/rendering, acharbonnet, but I've got one small idea: Take a look at this link to this book!

    The reason why you could, would, and should look at this book is as a result, you might some concrete advice on light and shadow drawing fundamentals. If you ever need this, buy it or rent it now!

    Hope it's been completely and positively helpful and useful.


    Vcuubed, that's a very good job you've got on these sketches you've got there. So, if I was to give you some improvement here and there, it would be to focus on the silhouete and the lines of action and rhythm, in some 90 second poses, pretty please? The reasons why are because, a) you'll get a much better idea on the overall gestures and poses. and b) you would be able to push the poses far beyond their usual limits in their forces and forms.

    Hope it's been completely, definitely, and absolutely usable.

    P.S. Go for 10 10-second hands and feet. They help, too.