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    Thank you very much, Kiro Cosmos, but I'm going for not only the gestures and lines of action, but also for the line quality to go for the quick sketches for the animation sketches, like Bill Nolan had in the silent era of American animation. Good night.


    What brings you here, ADrawing?


    I've got an idea, Dragphan, here's what I've got for you to work on, this image.

    This is my warm-up for my animals, which is what you can get yourself having fun learning how to draw just like when we were kids. What do you think of this?

    Hope this has been useful.

    Polyvios Animations


    Hey, hey, hey! I'm Polyvios Animations. I'm doing fine, how do you all do? Say, I'm working on making 500 scribbles a day for my series of animation tests. On account of what Felix the Cat Animator, Bill Nolan did in the Silent Era of Animation, back in the early-late 1920s. So what do you all think of that? Any animation and cartoon fans out there?

    Actually, I'm working on my book trailer for my picture book.


    You know, this is my first time making this discussion. I'm asking you all something. Can gesture drawing be drawn funny?

    Take for example,

    Jim Tyer (Van Beuren, Handy, Famous, Terrytoons)

    This image has an exaggerated feeling to the gestures in the lines of action. Got it from John's old blog. Any takes?


    Good afternoon, mereology, and welcome. How are you? Awesome and wonderful job on your 3 10-minute figure drawings. Greater work on showing your range of motion, acting, proportions, angles, and forms. Keep up the great works.

    And as for your anatomy, hands, and feet are a bit too shakier to me, in terms of the gestures and action. How would you like to free up and liven up your forms and relationships with 2 5-minutes of pose warm-ups? Because you can reduce the rigidity in your gestures and poses and to get them to be and look more alive and motivated internally. If you're really curious about gesture drawings, then please look into the PDFs of the 2 Walt Stanchfield books. Good luck and I hope you'll find these things helpful.


    Good afternoon, xielianlover, how do you do this afternoon? Great work on your loose and light style of drawing graphic lines, shapes, spaces and forms of the hands and female forms. Why don't you please keep up the great work, I say?

    I feel that most of all the lines and shapes look far too itchy, hairy, and scratchy in the general female body and any hands, unless you'd want to give the hairs to those bodies and hands to give them some character, unless you're a bit too timid in your perception of edges. Would you please free up your arms and hands with a 5 minute figure drawing of any female and male, and also loosen up your hands and arms with 2 minute warm-ups of hands and feet? So that your contours will become less itchy, and more bold, smooth and confident. But that's not all! Your lines of action will become more bold and powerful in the acting choices in illustrations, comics, and animations. For some more great stuff, here's this link right here.

    Hope these have been completely helpful.


    Good morning, noon, or afternoon, jellyfishing, and welcome to LOA. How are you doing today? I'm fine, and you???? Awesomest job on all of your quick sketches in 30 seconds each. I'm the hugest fan of the lot of 'em! Please push youself the smartest and hardest!!!!

    The poses don't seem to have enough of the strongest CSI's. (Curves against straights) Would you please loosen up your lines fastest and funniest with 30 minutes of 29 second sketches from figure studies, and from cartoons and animations from SakugaBooru? The reason is because, it can and will be able to get the most in sync with your animator's drawn lines in your drawings and cartoons. For most inspiration, look up this. It can help you out always.

    Cheers to you, and your patience, practice, and progress.


    Good afternoon/morning/evening, Henezra, and welcome to LOA. I'm Polyvios, Polyvios Animations, how do you do? Greater job on your lighter and looser touch to your lines of action and rhythm. Push yourself further and farther.

    However, your lines of action, balance and rhythm in most of your figures, animals, hands, feet, faces, and expressions don't all seem and look too animated and broader enough to me and my sensibilities, especially your animals mostly. How would you like to free up your hands, elbows, and shoulders with 6 minutes of 29 seconds of figures, hands, feet, faces, expressions and animals for each, please???

    Because your drawings, sketches, and paintings will become the lesser of the conservative stiffness and rigidity and the more liberal in your approach to gesture drawing. For more than enough info and details, look into the Preston Blair book PDF on the Animation Resources website, and the Nancy Beiman book on Amazon. Good luck to you, and I hope these can and will help you let your hands and arms go.


    Good evening PluggedMilk and welcome to Line of Action, I'm Polyvios, Polyvios Animations. How are you doing this evening? Great job on your first ever attempt at drawing ever posted on this website. Great perception of the edges, lines, and shapes. Way to go.

    The gestures, to me, look a bit too stiff. And the forms don't look really anatomically correct, in terms of the proportions, perspective, and foreshortening. Would you like to loosen up your hands with a 5 minute drawing of a nude, and a 2 minute figure drawing in some degree of undress? As a result, you'll soon get better in your basics of rendering of the drawings in general, and more. For more info, and inspiration, look up this link from John's old blog. It has tons of cool, funny drawings of figures. They can help you loosen up your perceptions of the basics. Good luck to you, and I hope this has been inspirational and influential.


    Good morning, afternoon, or evening, itzhoyt, and welcome back. How are you doing? Greater job on your lines of action and balance of forms and poses of the gesture poses. Keep up the greater work, please.

    However, one of standing poses, from the second image, has an unnaturally huger head, and a more unnaturally vestigial head. Would you like to consult your head guidelines for proportions online or in books or both, then do a 5 minute study of that drawing, using that guideline in mind? As a result, your likeness will become more believable if you'd really use the 7 heads high chart, more or less, unless it's more deliberate choice for your cartooning of your realism in anatomy. For even more info and details, check out this video below.


    Hope this video has been completely and totally helpful and educational.


    Good morning or afternoon, rainiicafe, and welcome to LOA, how are you doing today? Awesome job on showing off your flow and rhythm and tempo of the lines. Keep pushing yourself farther and further.

    Yet, these sculpted forces of the figures could need some more strong lines and shapes, CSI-wise. Would you care to loosen up your arms and hands with 30 minutes of 29 second pose sketches? As a result, you'll focus less on the forms and details, also you can pay more attention to the looseness of the lines of action and lines of balance and rhythm.


    This is the video.

    Good luck to you and your march of the learning curve.


    Lucian, to answer your question, I've never been to LoveCastle, but the owner checked out.


    Greatest use of anatomically muscular definition and definition of tones I've ever seen. Way to go. Keep going!

    I totally, completely feel that they could use a bit more soft but hardest-edged satire in the gestures of those things. Would you please kindly free up your arm and shoulder with 1 hour of 30 second gesture muscle and tone study warm-ups? Because, your statements will be sketched out in the most powerful way. (In most ways than one) Look up some Proko videos and more. Have the nicest morning ever.


    Good morning, Noku, and welcome to Line of Action. How are you doing this morning? Greater works on your range of dynamic and expressive posing and expressions in the bodies. Keep going please. Please keep pushing yourself on your organic gesture drawing and sketching.

    I wouldn't worry about the proportions so soon, but otherwise, they look perfectly finer to me. Some of the gestures look too stiffer and rigid to my sensibilities. Would you kindly free up and make your lines of action, balance, and rhtythm more expressive with 1 hour of 1 minute gesture warm-up sketches? So that your proportions will be sketched out less stiffer and more bolder, audacious and freeer in your posing and statements. Please check out this link here. Good morning and may this little tip and trick brighten up your day.