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    Hi NoahT. I've been looking at your life sketches lately. And it states that there's some marked improvement with each new sketch.

    Take for example, I've looked at some line of action poses, it's clear that you're on the right track. Very solid, very fluid, but the liveliness is really getting there. You could have made those poses with the LOA more fluider and vital-er. Why don't you go at those gestures again, in a 30 second drawing. Why? Because your line of action will become the most longest, fluidest, vital-est, and energetic-est.

    Hope that it's been most friendly.

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    Awesome job on your studies, Endolphinz, very great promise.

    Here is my latest link to a latest gesture drawing tutorial from Proko. Here:https://www.

    The reason why you'll need to watch that tutorial is because, it will help you on your latest studies in gesture drawing vs contour drawing. Hope it's been favorable to you and your progress.

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    Thanks for your posts, allyson-tan, but I've got one small critique on your 1-2 minute figure study sketches, especially gKehZof.jpg. If you look at the figure study on the left-hand side of the sheet of paper, you'll see that you're really doing almost cartoony and exaggerated proportions and lines action, and lines of rhythm. I'm not getting enough life and vitality and feeling of action in that one pose on the left hand side of the sheet of paper. Why don't you go loosen up with 2 minutes of 30 second sketches (20x30 seconds drawings), pretty please? Because, if your goal is to make your study of rendering less stiff and more dynamic energetic and fluid, then you'll get a much stronger idea on less of how your drawing should look, but how fast you can churn it out.

    What my experience taught me is that I could draw more pictures faster that way,and I tend to do that when I'm storyboarding, designing, and rough animating. In conclusion, here are the following books I'd recommend to you: Anthony Ryder's Book on Figure Sketching and Sarah Simblet's Anatomy for the Artist. Hope it can and will be essential to you and your productive schedule.

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    Nice job on your stick limb gestures, Daresom, way to go! Question: What is your current goal for today? Hope you'll find this a crucial question.

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    Thanks for your very first new post, daresom, yet let me say that both life drawings, and any and every drawing done with a line of action all count altogether. My question is plainly this: What will you be working on for the morning, noon, or evening???

    Cheers, and have a healthiest day.

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    Love any drawings you did, acharbonnet.

    I really love your 30 second gestures, to your 1 mins, to your 5 mins. Why don't you focus on your body, hand and foot gestures even more, in your next 30 minute class, on hands and feet, pretty please?? Because, you will succeed in capturing the animation of forces and forms of those hands, feet, and them.

    I have some mixed feelings on your longer studies (10 & 30 minute poses). Don't get me wrong, you're off to a good start on the perception of edges, shapes, and spaces. However, some of the anatomy and foot proportions and angles are sorta off, sorry. Why don't you loosen up your relationships of them?? Pretty, pretty please??? As a result, you will record even more than believable angles of the feet and bones and muscles. If you ever want to master foot bones and muscles, be sure to look up a copy of Sarah Simblet's Anatomy for the Artist. It's extremely vital and important for every and any art student.

    Just trust me on the comment thing. Hope it's been really, really, really, really crucial into your next post. Take care, and stay safest.

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    Wowee, Enchanting! That's a good start!!

    Boy, I'm telling you, you've got a really longer way to go, so keep on practicing. As they always say, practice makes progress and possible, and progress and possible makes perfect.

    Hope it's been cooperative,



    Nice job on your 30 minute class, Bo30, thanks. Yet, if I can give you a tip or two, then it would be these: 1) Do yet another 10 minutes of 30 second quick sketches, because it'll train your brain on how to innately record your gestures with as much fewer lines as possible; and 2) For more details and information on how to perceive the proportions/anatomy, pick up a copy of the Betty Edwards book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (4th Definitive Edition), as a result, you may and might get a more stronger message of relationships, or proportions and angles.

    As I always say, practice makes progress, and progress makes perfect, alright??

    BTW, take care and stay safe.

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    Wow! Really great job on your memory gestures thus far, Mmmichelle. Very good.

    And as for your request for a critique, and if you wanna render memoried poses, be sure to check out this link right here., please?

    The reason is because, you improve on your drawing figure studies and other drawings from memory dramatically quickly as you can. Hope that it's been advantageous. Take care.


    Love all those gestures, yotastrejos, greatest job on those yet. Greatest job on the line quality of those gestures. Greatest job in all of them.

    I've got one small suggestion: What is your goal for today? The reason why I asked is because, what is your current goal for tonight?? If you really want to strengthen your movement and action-packed quality into your work, pick up a copy of Vols. 1 and 2 of the Walt Stantchfield Books on Animation. They have almost everything that a non-animation school and animation school student is looking for to give all their drawings their range of expression and storytelling ability.

    Hope this has been a cooperative question.

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    I absolutely love all your sketches (10 minutes) so far, Cactus. Love the line quality in most of them.

    My critique is this: I see some timidity in the gestures of the muscle structures. Why don't you draw from your shoulder in 600 seconds of 30 second sketches, pretty please?

    The reason why you'd do this type of sketching is because, your movements of the nude female muscles will become even more looser and expressive. Hope it has been convienient.

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    I love your gesture sketches, Denonychus, yet I love your gesture poses even more! Please don't be too hard on yourself. Enjoy yourself and the process!!

    But, I've got one question: How long did your gesture sketches take for you to sketch them out? Why?? Because, I am correctly assuming that you've loosened yourself up in 30 seconds or more. But I digress. Take some more time on your relationships (proportions and angles), and your spaces, while working with a prepped ground.

    Hope it has been extremely helpful and constructive.

    Stay safest.

    Polyvios Animations


    Nice work on your gestural poses, yamikumi. Great job on your overall capture of gestures. I absolutely admire your spaces, busy and empty. And I love most of your angles, mostly

    The critique, if I was to point out one you've specifically made your yourself, but, I really want to explain that your lower leg seems way more jarring to the casual webbrowser. Why don't you loosen up your overall leg proportions in the lower edge of the drawing,in terms of action, please? And you know why?? You'll accurately record the overall gestures of the leg proportions. Not to mention the fact that you can record from photos and life, because, nothing against imagination and refs, cause if you only rely on those, then you'll use those as crutches.

    For more information, look up Michael Hampton's book, Glenn Vilppu's book, and more of Mike Matessi's books, too.

    Hope that it has been way conducive to creativity.


    Hey there, nedistanman, I really and totally love your gestures, pushings of the poses, on your 30 second and 1 minute gestures. Plus I really think you're getting the busy areas and empty areas right, too.

    In my opinion, I see some of the body proportions are a little bit disconnected on a few poses. Why don't you spend more time on the relationships (proportions and angles) in your very first 1 hour class mode, if you pretty please?????

    The truth of the matter is, your understanding of proportions and perspective will get even more than better with more practice.

    Keep doing more 30 second or less attitudes (gestures), in order to lighten up your control on the process.

    Hope and pray that it shall and will be applicable to your current goals.

    Thanks, and stay safe.


    Nice performance of the anatomy sketches, loillty. I really love your gestures. And I really love your proportions on most of the poses. And I love the edges, spaces, and angles. And I oh so love the perspectives, too. On the whole, you got those right.

    Here is my critique on your sketch. One of the poses, the ballet one in the first one, has some pretty stiff anatomy of the bone and muscle structures, with two birds killed with one stone, some very mechanical forms for one of the legs. Why don't you make the anatomical structures even most loosest and dynamic, energetic, and well understood please, pretty please????? The reason why is because, your understanding of anatomical bones and muscles will become well-understood and second nature to you and your learning curve.

    Even capturing the gestures of every bone and muscle of every human form.

    We hope it can be advantageous.

    Cheers, and stay platinum,

    Polyvios Animations