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    Hello, and good morning/noon/evening, hojicha. Great job on your quicker gesture drawings for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Way to go, please keep it up.

    My tiny, littlest suggestion is that you're using lines that are way too choppiest with too much use of your wrist. Would you like to go for 10 minutes of 29 second drawings, (about 21 drawings) using your elbow and shoulder? The reason is because your lines will become smoother and the most confident. For more details, be sure to look at the Proko videos on gesture drawings. So check this out.

    Hope this helps, supports and benefits you and me.


    Hello, bislie.

    Say, I must think that your figures and expressions are completely on the right track. Great job on your forces and forms of the faces and bodies. Way to go. Keep it up.

    Piggybacking on what somebody had to say, is that gesture drawing is not about the forms and details, it's about the forces. My biggest and total criticism or two is that some of the nude/semi-nude's forces and facial expression forces are a bit too rigid or stiffest. Would you like to work with black chalk on the sides, with 30 minutes of 30 second faces, and 30 minutes of 1 minute (60 second) bodies of various dress? The reason why you could, should and would do this exercise is because, as long as you work with those chalks from your elbow/shoulder, then your facial and life structures will become the most spontaneous, fluidest, and liveliest you could make. And if you really want to look into most info, I would recommend looking into Pinterest, and real life.

    Thanks for listening and reading. Hope these help you out.


    Hello and good afternoon, rpk.

    I'm really enjoying looking at your first-ever 30 second rough attitudes. Great job on showing the lines of action, balance and rhythm. WAY TO GO!

    I'm thinking is that though your lines of action have been rapidly identified well in 30 seconds, but I'm not getting enough of a sense of give and life to them. Would you be OK if you did 6 minutes of 29 second poses, on our custom timer? (360 seconds/29 seconds="ruffly" 12 poses) The sense behind this is because, you'll get to work out your lines of action even more quickly than your 30 second poses; more or less. For more inspiration, click on this link. It can help you out on your current goal. It's OK if you'd scribble, because, it'll help you out for a reason and one reason only: to help you loosen up your lines of action. Hope this helps you out very much.


    Hello, and good afternoon/evening.

    Say, I must completely and totally adore your lighter touches of all of your quick sketches. Also, I love your choice of color theory in your figure rendering. Great sense of energy and electricity in the longer lines and liveliest, and largest edges. My smallest and insignificant improvement is that your forms and forces are a bit too rigid in terms of drawn appeal. How would you like to be on board for 30 minutes of 60 second quick poses, followed by 1 hour of 30 second quick poses? The reason why you could and should do this idea is as a result, your lines will become the least heaviest and inhuman, and the most dynamic, energetic, fluid, spontaneous, and liveliest in the poses. My hat's off to you, and I hope this piece of advice helps you out greatly. For even more info, be sure to check out an in-depth article 1, 2, 3, and 4. These about how much of the roughs are gutsier, and how the clean-ups are the polished. Cheers to you, again.


    Hi, gelatingem.

    Great job on your economical sketches. And more importantly, greater job on your organic lines, shapes, spaces and forms of the human anatomies. My tiniest suggestion is that though your control or understanding of human bones and muscles are completely spot-on, but I'm getting an uncanny feeling of the stiffness of the geometric construction, specifically the 5 and 10 minute sketches. Would you please loosen up your dominant and non-dominant hands with the 2 minute and 1 minute sketches of nudes and half-nudes? The explanation is because your anatomy of the muscles and bones will become the least blander and more spontaneous, fluider, and liveliest, sort of like Al Hirschfeld. For further inspiration, be sure to look into and this video below:


    Good luck, and good bye.


    Funkle, that's the older illustration that I've already critiqued last night, same as the last critique, as of tonight. Way to go on your remarkable and amusing action and proportions. I am so in love with your rough sketches and sustained body portraits.

    My tinest suggestion to your proportions is that most of the figures are perfectly and extraordinarily proportioned, but I'm not getting enough of the fundamentals of drawing proportions and angles (relationships). How about you check out your figures in perspective? All you have to do is, take a few poses you've roughed out, and then you'll fit them into the vanishing points from this link here, and the Figure it out perspective book, using your custom 2 hour class drawing, using flipped horizontal images. The reason is clearly, so that you'd be getting into drawing the edges and relationships more intuitively, using your right side, over your left side of the brain. See Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

    Good luck to you and I hope this makes sense, and helps.


    So, Laitochris, I really do say that you're getting pretty clear and clever with your rough gestures and your final bishoujo character design. I totally and completely comend your progress on your gesture drawings, especially your 30-100 second digital sketches. Way to go!

    When it comes to a constructive criticism or two, I'd like to point out two issues: 1) Your 30 second lines of action are getting to be a bit too tame and heavy; would you please tune down the opacity of brush to 40%, and work out your lines with your elbow? 2) A few of the lines are a teensy bit too lumpy, but that's alright, you're here to learn drawing. Would you kindly be able to warm-up with some drawing exercises with this link right here?

    The two reasons why you would and could do these things is because: First of all, you'll be able to get your lines to be able to drawn funny in terms of emotion and acting, like in your animations and comics. Second of all, your lines will be able to get smoother, slickest, and have a nice elastic appeal to it, but otherwise, your final long illustration is perfectly fine. Drawing and sketching is fun, and I hope it's guaranteed to be definitely and absolutely satisfying.

    Good luck, and my hat's off to you, and a Happy New Year,

    Polyvios Animations


    What do you mean Renee result?


    Arlatius, I really, totally do say that you've done a great job on all of your 30 minute class sessions you've posted up here. Great job on your quick sketches and gestures. Great job on your silhouettes, and more importantly, greater job on your weights, balances, proportions, perspective and foreshortening, thus far.

    In the quick gestures, I love how much of a range of expressions in your line quality and consistency. I am in love of how clear your silhouettes and neg. spaces in your attitudes (poses). And I am, more importantly, how well you combine these things with the proportions, perspective and foreshortening in the figures, particularly in the arm in the upper image. My bigger criticism is that although your anatomy is getting to be well articulated, but it has the problem for me of being far too contrived. Would you like to be a lot more looser and free-est with your gestures in your 10 minute drawing, followed by a 5 minute pose doodle? The reason is because of two reasons: 1) to get your hand and body moving in the drawings. 2) To make your pose's proportions and anatomy have more of a kinda deranged quality, like the late Carlos Nine.

    This video is completely worth it if you could and should download for your study, and for the screen captures for the drawings and paintings alone, just to get an idea of how much funny art that he can get away and had gotten away. Good luck, and Happy New Year!


    So, Pastabrother, I really do hafta say that you've got too much potential. You're going great on your figures, faces and expressions, and textures, too. I'm really feeling that you're doing a greater job as you can. I love the level of energy and vitality in your figures' lines of action and light touches. And more importantly, how much of the edges, spaces, relationships, and colors are totally and absolutely coming thru to me in my eyes.

    However, I've got two suggestions: 1) Some of the figures, despite the precise anatomy, have some very stiff and heavy lines there. Would you like to loosen up your gestures?

    2) Some of the tones and shades of the face seem a bit too off and flat to me. Would you please go back to the basics of color relationships??

    Some of the Reasons: First of all, you'll be able to make your drawings the least abstract and the most fuctional as you're drawing them in the poses. And second of all, to make your tones of the facial expressions and portraits look and feel beautiful as you can. And if you wanna learn more details, be sure to look at this video below,https://

    and this video on color relationships, too.https://

    And so, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your goals.


    Well, Danny, I do say that I love how much life, vitality and energy in your quick sketches of the figures. And as for the longer poses, I'm loving how much time and energy you've spent in all of them.

    My biggest gripe of one of your quick sketches is that, through no fault of your own, very loose and free and expressive, but not getting enough of the caricature of your attitude and spaces. Would you please go for a 29 second pose drawing for us? And while you're at it, kindly look into the copy of Action? Cartooning. (If you don't already own it)

    The reason behind this is because, if you do a 29 second pose in motion, then you'll be able to make that gesture look and seem like it's fully animated. And also while you're at that, please check out the link here.

    Good luck to you, and I hope these help.


    Great work on your careful and slower realistic pose, georgia. Love how well balanced your attitude looks and/or seems.

    My biggest issue is that your lines of motion are a bit too stilted, even for me. Would you like to loosen up your hands with 30 minutes of 30 second poses, if you please? (60 scribbly poses)

    The reason is: even though there's a lot of online tutorials online, like for example, at, it'll make your poses look like and seem like it's moving and thinking.

    Good luck to you and your current goals.


    So, heyheymustard, I must totally say that your 30 minute class mode drawings and sketches are completely and totally on the right track to me, so far, so good. Excellent use of animation of the 30 and 60 second stick figures, and excellent use of spaces and proportions of your 5 and 10 minute pose studies. Keep going on some of them, even your 5 minute and 10 minute attitudes.

    My tiniest criticism is that though your spaces and relationships (proprotions and angles) are definitely and positively spot-on, yet the gesture is barely there in all of the heads and spines. Why don't you please start your new 10 minute body with a quicker line of action, using the vertical flip, followed by a 5 minute energy sketch, too; also flipped horizontally.

    The dialectics why you'd start with the quicker gestures for your slow and careful figure drawings is because, first and foremost, your lines of action and guts will be able to breathe life and rawness in your figure proportions, angles, edges and spaces (negative, especially). Plus, if you wanna learn more about my suggestion, take a look at this link, if you please. Good luck, and I hope these things help.


    Hello, Sammers092, good morning and how do you do?


    The answer's 'yes.'