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    Good morning, Cinnomin, greater job on your overall proportions and bones and muscles of the general human figures. Very good and greater job indeed.

    But, I've got to ask you one question: Where are your general studies of the muscular system? How would you like to do some 5 minute and 2 minute studies of the human muscles? The reason why you could do these gestural studies because, you'll be able to not make a perfect product right away, and you'd better focus on quantity of quality practice, particularly your studies of the human muscular structures, plus, it's a lot more fun. Here's this little link on 3d muscles. Yet, it's normally for the medical audience, but still, it's a bit more indepth than the artistic anatomy. If it looks a bit too overwhelming to you, then check out the Anatomy for the Artist book available on Amazon. (The new edition just came out months ago) Hope it's been extremely helpful, encouraging, and informative.


    Goal, as in what you exactly want to work on today.


    Say, are you looking for a goal today?


    Welcome to Line of Action. How are you doing this afternoon?


    Really? I went to the Northshore Academy, 2006-2009.


    Good afternoon, Ji-Sung, how are you? Welcome back to Line of Action. Greatest job on your rendering of the forces, forms, and details of the mouths and mouth shapes from all angles. Keep up the greatest work, indeed!

    I'm not getting enough of the more dynamic and expressive mouth shapes, but the forms look or seem right-est to me. Would you like to free up your dominant and non-dominant arms with 1 hour of 30 second mouth and lip drawings? (120 mouth gestures) In addition to your control or understanding of the mouth, lips and teeth, then you'll use emotion and expression in your gesture drawings of those facial features. Your quick gestures will really make your mouth drawings and animations truly and truly come to life. Here's this link below. Good afternoon and good sketching practicing.


    Au contraire, Merel, your link actually works. Good evening, and welcome to Line of Action, this is Polyvios, how are you tonight? Excellent job on showing a range of expressive action and acting in your quick sketches. Keep up the great work, I say!

    Yet, I've got one small request. I'm not getting enough of the fluid and lively quality in your poses and figure's lines. Would you like to free up your dominant arm and non-dominant arm with 6 minutes of 29 second gesture drawings? (All from memory, likewise, look at the pose for 15 seconds, then draw actually for 14 seconds each) If you first ever goal is to make your poses and lines of action and of rhythm less stiff and rigid, and more dynamic, vital, and energetic. Here's a link to Volume 1 and Volume 2 !, II and more. of the Walt Stanchfield Book PDFs on Good luck and good night.


    Good morning nekonanko, and welcome aboard to line of action, I'm Polyvios Animations, how are you this morning? That's a greater job on showing your ideas and energy in all of your poses. Please keep up your energy in your broader attitudes.

    But still, I'm still not getting enough of the vitality and energy in your drawings of the figure drawings. Would you please free up your whole arms with 6 minutes of 29 second scribblier poses? As a result, your drawn lines of action and lines of rhythm will become more and more into your innerfeelings in your manga and anime-style poses. For more practice for your anime and cartoon poses from any society, then I'd recommend you this link to You'll have the real animation education to go frame-by-frame on your animation drawing studies. Good luck and good practicing.


    Excellent job on your reference photo portraits, Theo. Very inspiring for gesture practice. Keep up the great work! :-)


    Good evening Devil_Darlinqq, this Polyvios Animations from Salem, MA. How are you doing today. Actually, as your stick figure attitudes you've posted so far, I beg to disagree. I ultimately think that you're completely getting on the right track of sketching out your lines of action. They are very, very strong and lively. You don't really, really, really need to worry too much about the forms and details at this time. Keep at it, keep on improving.

    In the meantime, I'm getting a bit of an excess of lines in that pose in drawing 1. Looks like you've gotten the design and gesture a bit too rigid to me. Would you like to go for 23 mins of 29 second broad gesture drawings? (23 x 60=1380/29=about 48 scribble poses) Your broad attitudes will make your constructions and lines of action less stiff and more bold, vital, and energetic. For further instruction, look up the two Walt Stanchfield books online:Here, And Here. Good luck and good night.


    Good evening, retrocrisp, this is Polyvios, Polyvios Animations, how are you doing tonight? Say, I love how much solidity and flow and life in your nude constructed poses that I've seen so far. Keep up the great work.

    But I've got one small constructuve criticism. I'm not getting enough of the motion of the fluid and flowly lines and poses. Would you kindly mind if I asked you if you could and should go for an online interactive drawing tutorial on our website right here? You'll be able to visualize the poses, forces and forms quickly from 30-5 second poses. Good luck to you, and I hope this tip had inspired, nay, influenced you.


    Good evening, Devil Darlinqq, this is Polyvios Animations, how are you doing tonight? I love how much of the cartooniness and expression you've got into your simplified faces and expressions. Great work on our first ever attempts into your sorta realistic faces and heads.

    Where are the quick broadest strokes in your heads and expressions? They can an extremely important asset to your drawings of the figures, especially your realistic and believable expressions. Loosen up your arm with 5 minutes of 30 second warm-ups, please. Because your expressions will be more convincing in your fluidity and life and solidity. And to answer your question, check out this link right here.

    Good luck and my hat's off to you. Good night. Sweet dreams.


    Good morning, Pastabrother, how are you doing this morning? I love so much on how much vitality and energy you've got going in your caricature and exaggeration of the poses and gestures. So far so great. I love how much fluidity and life and intrinsic motivation you'd gotten pent up into your poses. Very, very, very, VERY great job indeed. Push yourself.

    I love how much of the bone structure in your anatomy in your female semi-nude figure in underwear, but I think, really, where is the skeleton? Would you kindly loosen up your skeleton practice with 5 minutes of 30 second skeleton images, all flipped vertically? Your right side of the brain could be obviously applied to your quicker studies in your gestures of the anatomy. There's more! Your skeletal structures will be able to get more looser and evern more stylized. For more help into your anatomy inspiration, look this up, it can help you out very much.

    Great luck and great practicing out of your artist's block.