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    Googoodolls132, I am SO MUCH in love with your quickie gestures, so much looseness, so much life, and more importantly, so more humor. Although, I gots one most smallest request made just for you: Would you like to post me some 5 minutes of your 30 second gesture sketches of figure studies, if you haven't already, if you pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty pleeease??? And why???? It's because your studies will be the most innately drawn funniest. Pin your hopes that it'll be your most superb work.

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    Well, fullmetalrunt, let me say, Love your straight line figures. I totally love how you were able to communicate movement and solidity in those straight line poses.

    In addition,I have one very smaller request: Why don't you strengthen your straight-line movement and solidity in 1 30 second sketch, pretty pleeease? The reason why you would do this is because, you'll be able to elucidate your attitude with 2 straights. Look for that it'll help and support you out. Polyvios Animations


    Most nicest job on your quick drawings, nev, I love the movement you’ve poured into them. Yet, I’ve got one really, very, much small request: why don’t you sketch out the silhouettes for one portrait, and one more gesture sketch,all in 30 seconds, pretty please? The reason why you would do these, is because you’ll a much, much more better idea at perceiving the figures and faces on the screens. I pray that’s a really, very, very bigger help to you.

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    Yes, it was laggy, in terms of the photo series, Kim.

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    Exceptional job, Jovjo. There is no right or wrong way of doing your gesture drawings. If I was to give you a critique, it'll be this: Why don't you do 1 minute of 59 second sketches. (59 seconds + 1 second) The impulse why is because, your scribbles will become a little more than caricatured and drawn funny in attitudes. Hope it's extremely important.

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    Greatest job on your landscapes/backgrounds/buildings, alliwak. You've got some real promise. But, I've got one very helpful piece of advice for you: Why don't you do 1 minute of 30 second sketches of scenes and environments, if you pretty, pretty please? Thus, your locations will become more fast and confindent in your actions. Could you do that for me, if you, please, please?? Hope you'll find it extremely paramount.

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    Hey there, fullmetalrunt,

    I'm looking at your 10 minute sketches, nice job on them, but, I've got one smaller thing I've got to tell you, that a vast majority of artists stuggle with every day: is the sketchy lines in the hatchings of your human anatomy, it's showing a little bit of rigidity, yet I'm not getting enough solidity, fluidity and life in those drawings, but otherwise, they're still fantastic. Keep up the depth and the complete accents on the knees of your poses. Hope it's completely and absolutely useful.

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    Most nicer job on your 5 minute gestures and other gestures, zaex321123, though you're recently having a hard challenge with them. They're almost all of those sketches are very, so much impressive from the art teacher's viewpoint. However, if I were to give you my most smallest than smallest advice for you it would be this: Do you ever the real second image with the female figure drawing form the lower-leftmost part of the screen, it looks at littler bit peggy. The reason why is, so that if you got out another life pose in 299 seconds, (4 minutes and 59 seconds) you're most minorest problem will be very much fixed up entirely. I hope and pray that this has been extremely and insanely paramount priority.

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    Hey Kim, I'm OK, how are you? Say I've got a problem, and that's this image down here: I was so upset. I couldn't chill out. I was offended when that A Bankrupt Math Student image couldn't load up completely, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, with no end in sight. Can you fix it up for everyone, please?????


    Exceptional job on your first time, multimediamouse. To answer your question: If you wanna show the model in 3d, why don't your economize it with as fewer lines as possible in a 30 second sketch. Why??? Because your dimensions will become the least stiffest, and the most solidest, fluidest, and the liveliest of all.

    I'm not the right person to answer all of your questions, so I'd to pick one of the group, and I hope that helps very, very, very much.

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    Excellent session, Liam_P, however, I've got one small piece of advice: Can you do another 30 second sketch, all flipped horizontally, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, please???? The reason why is so, that, your figure poses will become more funnier and livelier than your last sketches. Hope it will surely so help you too much.

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    Nicer job on your 30 minute class modes, deltasa333, and most importantly, nicest job on your 2 minute (120 second) sketches. But, I've got one smallest of all the smallest requests: Why don't you do 5 119 second (1 minute, and 59 second) drawings [5x119=595 seconds, 9 minutes and 55 seconds], pretty please???????? Why??????? Because, your doodles will become more and more solider, fluider, dynamic, and rhythmic and looser than your last 2 minute sketches. Hope this helps even more so much.

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    Nicest job, bardon, nicest job of all the time. But, I've got one more smallest idea: Why don't you do 20 minutes of 10 minute sketches, all flipped horizontally and vertical at the same drawings, if you pretty please?? Because, you'll get an even more bestest idea of drawing the figures of what you really see, rather than what you think you see, and finally, the more you put this fundamental concept into practice, you'll really master it, and it'll really become second nature in your imaginary doodles. Hope it's essentally and totally beneficial.

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    Well, LucianoSJ, nicest job indeed. Yet, so, I've got one more smaller request made just for you: Why don't you do 5 minutes of 60 seconds, all flipped vertically, if you please, please, please??? And do you know why???? Because, you'll improve your observational talent. And it because, you'll have lots and lots of fun with drawing, particularly your figure studies. Hope it's been extremely and totally essential.

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    Nice job on your "scribble gestures," Googoodolls132. Besides, I've got one really, very much smaller request: Why don't you do some gesture scribbles, in 30 seconds, all 10 of them, for 5 minutes, if you please? Because you'll use lesser and lesser lines. And, because, you'll use the liveliest lines in those scribbles. Hope you'll find it completely and potentially useful.

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