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    Nice job on your "scribble gestures," Googoodolls132. Besides, I've got one really, very much smaller request: Why don't you do some gesture scribbles, in 30 seconds, all 10 of them, for 5 minutes, if you please? Because you'll use lesser and lesser lines. And, because, you'll use the liveliest lines in those scribbles. Hope you'll find it completely and potentially useful.

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    Well, Kyr, you did a great job on your 5 weeks of 30 minute classes, in chronological order. Yet, I've got one littler reminder: Why don't you do your 10 minute drawing, if you pretty, pretty, please, please, please??? Why? Because you'll get a lot of dynamic lines, shapes, spaces, and more importantly, forms. Hope it'll really help so much.

    Polyvios Animations.


    Nice job on your mannekinization, Wangyuxiangorz, but I've got one small suggestion: Why don't you do yet another figure mannekinization, flipped vertically, in 30 seconds, please, please, please, please, please????? The reason why is because of two things: First of all, to access your brain's right hemisphere, and second to be more faster, more bolder, and more lighter with your line work on your longer studies. Hope you're gonna find this the biggest help for you of all,

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    Well, Rhinne, greater work on your light sketches on your first Imgur post, and a really greater work on your second set of Imgur images in a post.

    I've got two more really smaller requests: You're totally on the righter track, keep it up! And second, to minimalize your line work in 1 30 second sketch, please? Because, you're gonna make your drawing more long in your lines, and have more larger in your line work.

    Hope you'll find it hugely essential to your next work, Polyvios Animations


    Nice job on your first ever 30 minute class mode, Fullmetalrunt. Greatest work, but I've got one more smallest of the smallest suggestions: Why don't you do your very first 5 minute drawing, flipped horizontally, pretty please, if you pretty, pretty please????? Why???? Because, you'll get a much most strongest idea of sketching what you see, rather than what you think you see, and second of all, your memory will be your most strongest of all your most strongest if you visualized it much, much better, in 300 seconds. (5 minutes) Hope you'll find it much, much, more, more, more helpful on your focus, for now.

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    Hey Kim, this is me, Polyvios Animations, again, and I just want to say I've got one small issue to point out, please? I just got some new images from A Bankrupt Math Student, and they just take an impossibly long time to load up and they never stop. Will you fix these up, if you pretty, pretty please?? Because you'll make us very, very, very happy and gladder if you did.

    Hope you'll take action on this, and here's the enclosed image:

    Polyvios Animations


    Nicest than nice job on your recent post, Googoodolls132. You're really, really, really, really totally starting to get the gist on what Kimon had tried to say in his book about gesture drawing, you're on the right track on this one. My biggest critique of them all is: Why don't you do a 10 minute session of 30 second sketches (20 sketchesx30 seconds), pretty please? And do you know why?? It's because you'll get the least stiffest and the most lightest and largest lines in those scribbles, and, it's because you'll get the most longest lines of all. Hope you'll find it definitely and extremely useful and beneficial, and essential in your next study,

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    Nice job posting your message, ngynng, but, do you know how to post a link to some drawings, on, pretty please??

    Because, it's one of the only ways we can see your work. Hope you'll find that clear,

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    Well, zaex321123, I think you're on the really right track on your 2 minute robo-beans this round, I'll say, nicest job on it. But I've got one smallest critique: Why don't you draw some 1 minute robo-beans (5 of 'em, in 5 minutes) all flipped vertically, then flipped horzontally, and later; flipped horizontally, and vertically at the same time, pretty please? Why?? Because your robot-beans will become the least stiffest, and the most strongest, solidest, fluidest, and liveliest yet. Hope you'll find it extremely and totally useful and essential.

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    Dear Kim,

    Just wanted to know, how’s the 1.5 hour class mode going? We’re just dying to see it!!

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    Wow! Nice work on all your sketches, Poyoline. Greatest job on capturing vitality on your 15 second sketches; greater job on your 30 sec doodles, and a really, totally great job on your 5m and 10 min drawings; more than that, I see a little bit of your two thirty-minute class modes. Thanks, Poyo!! Yet I've got one small favor: I love your feeling and sense of humor of your 15s and 30s scribblings, but, why don't you go for one 60s (1m) sketch, pretty please?? Because, your figure doodles will become less stiffer, and more solider and fluider, if that's your truer, realer goal. Hope it sure will help.

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    Nice job on your topic, but, would you like to show us some of your latest drawings you're working on, pretty please? Because, we'll know exactly what you're asking for. Hope you'll find it totally helpful.

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    Nice job on your cat sketches, Eeveecat1248, nice job on your trial. But I've got one small request: If you haven't done the interactive tutorial already, why don't you do it, pretty please? Why?? Because it'll help you with a few things: 1) It'll help you loosen up on your line quality, and 2) You'll get a much, much, superior idea and energy that you can apply into your animal drawings. Won't you do it for us, pretty please??

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    Nice job on your post, Thomastaips. But I don't see a drawing your doing. Thank you.

    Polyvios Animatons.

    P.S. Why don't you post one of your sketches, please? Because we want to see what you can sketch.