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    P.S. Two Reasons: 1) I'm currently working on, at that time, Scenes & Environments. And 2) I just did 65 m (1h 5m) of practicing on that day, Friday, June 12,2020. I hope you'll have the time, money, stamina, and energy to fix up this bug. The sooner the better. Night. See ya tomorrow.


    Kim, if you're reading this topic, then what bugs me is that my practice streak hasn't been updated, when we're, which I'm saying I am, active practitioners. Please fix it for me and us.

    Polyvios Animations


    Hey, Kim, I have a problem, and that's my practice streak not updated from 45 days to 46. I just hit that number. Would you help me fix that up, pretty please? And do you know why?? Because I'll be grateful if you do. Hope you'll have the time and stamina to solve this problem.

    Polyvios Animations


    I really love all your humaniod gestures, aero, love them! Yet, here's my critique: I love how bold and powerful with your gestural drawn communications, however, I see that you'd drawn one of the legs and one of the figures too big. Thanks for your honest self-critique. If that's part of your drawing style, that's OK. Why don't you slim down on one of the legs in Drawing #3 (1m), in 30 minutes of 2m sketches, pretty, pretty please, please?? The warrant why is because, your forces, forms, and details will look and feel more forceful and powerful in terms of perspective, in how and why you could communicate them that way. Hope and pray that it'll come to fruition.

    Polyvios Animations


    Wow! Really rare drawings of figures, blossblair, especially the one with your caricature. However, I've got one tiny and insignifigant question: How long did it take to do each and every one of them in your Imgur post link? The case why is because, you didn't label out your time limits. They could've been done in 30 seconds, more and/or less. Hope and importune that you'll give me a totally reasonable answer.

    Polyvios Animations.

    P.S. Keep up those figure exaggerations!!


    That's a totally might outstanding job you've done, PoeRaven, although, I've got one littler request: Why don't you go for loosening up your forces, forms and more details in your very first 5 minute sketch of a figure pose, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please, please, please, please, please????? The goal why is because, you be improving your truest intuition of gestures and spaces of the human static and dynamic figures. Hope and beseech that it'll bear fruit for you and me.

    Polyvios Animations



    Thnaks for your answer, Deutro, but what meant very much is that you would and could be open for yet another 10 minute figure study. The reason why is because, it'll completely loosen up your forces, completely loosen up more forms, and most details. Would you like to go for that, please? please?? Please???

    Hope that it'll surely help.

    Polyvios Animations


    Dominant job, Choki, yet I've got one littler request: Would you like to try out 500x2m poses, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please???? The argumentation why you could do this, is because you will draw the most lightest lines. Trust in you and me that it'll give you good drawings.

    Polyvios Animations


    Your 1000 gesture drawing challenge of yours was very distinguished at all, Choki, yet I've got one tiny request: Why don't you be up for 4000 more 30 second sketches,(4000x30s=120,000s) pretty, pretty, pretty please??? The apprehension is so, that it'll make your line feel like they're always moving and animatable. If you really want to be a traditional ToonBoom animator, then this warm-up is all right for you. Hope and pray that it'll give you a lot of benefits and support.

    Polyvios Animations


    I'm in love with your latest sketches, Spark74. Although, here's one littler request: Would you like to post your next 30 minutes of 10 minutes of figure sketches, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty please, please, please, please????? And you wanna know why?????? Cause we at would love to totally see how you loosen up your muscle memories in your next sketches on your sketchbook. Are you up??????? Hope and pray that it'll be very helpful and supportive.

    Polyvios Animations


    The absolute job you'd done, Deutro, on your pillow bodies in your gestures. But I've got one tiny question: How long was your earliest class mode??? The reasoning is because, you and I would like to know if it's 30 minutes long or much, much, much longer. Hope this question supports you.

    Polyvios Animations


    I love your 30 minute class drawings, Kyr Kun Chan, so much. I really love your 10 minute hands/feet. And most importantly, I love your 30 second sketches of hands/feet.

    Yet, I've got one little suggestion: I really love your looseness and expression thru your 30 second scribbles very much. Why don't you do yet your first-ever 30 minutes of 30 second scrawls, if you pretty please??? Because, your lines will become even more loosest, lightest, and the most funniest, most naturally. Take this with a very tiny grain of salt, as you might get some very sloppy pictures, and that's OK.

    Hope and pray that it'll help and support you improve and innovate.

    Polyvios Animations


    Nice post, Layla Uw U, but, I don't have access to your link, to see your current progress. Can you give me a password to your documents, pretty please???

    Polyvios Animations


    Excellent job on your 2 hour class drawings, Eunlan, but I've got 2 smaller appeals: 1) Would you go for yet another 1 hour class set of figure studies? And 2) Why don't you do yet another 10 minutes of 30 second scrawls of hands and feet? (If you very haven't already??) The reasons why??? Because, 1: You'll get very spontaneous, lively and solid life drawings. And 2: You'll get a lot of 3D, but more cartoonier hand and feet constructions. Offer a prayer that it'll work out very well,

    Polyvios Animations