Gesture 1

by Momomimi, March 23rd 2020 © 2020 Momomimi

Practicing gesture without worrying too much about anatomy. Want to get some feed back on how I'm doing with getting the core pose on the first pass.

Smeeb Smob

wow! everything looks great for the most part. the only problem i can find is that the legs are very flat and stiff. try using more curved lines, and its great!


Thank you so much for the feedback! Yeah, I know I really need to improve my fluidity. That is my goal for the year. I want to be able to draw things in motion. Any tips on how to achieve that?

Smeeb Smob

avoid completely straight lines. dont be afraid to exaggerate the movements, proportions, gravity, etc.
i've learned from my students and my own experience that one of the main things that holds a drawing back from fluidity is straight lines. most improving artists are scared of getting proportions wrong, so they keep their lines very straight and matter-of-fact. this can be good sometimes for certain scenes, but most of the time, its good to keep things fluid and curved. in the process, the anatomy might mess up a bit, but with fluid pose studies and just over time, that will improve. and overall, appeal and being visually pleasing is the most important part of making art. anatomy errors will mostly be overlooked if the rest of the piece has fluidity, good colors, and dynamic feeling in it.

personally, i am a cartoonist/animator. so im sure you wont use quite as many exaggerations as i do unless you are also planning on doing cartoons, but a lot of my students do strictly realism, and the general advice still helps them, and i hope it helps you too! :)


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