by Citrus0418, May 17th 2021 © 2021 Citrus0418

These look very good, though I would be careful with the anatomy proportions. Some of them look like they have very long arms or very short legs.


Thanks for the message. The ratio is important, I will practice again!

Polyvios Animations

Good job on all your quick body attitudes, citrus0418. But, I've got one tiny little critique. I love the graphic and stylish range of expression and emotions, but I really can't get enough of the animation drawing appeal in these lines of action. Woud you like to relax your hand or hands with 60 minutes of 30 second quick poses of the figures of all kinds? (120 of 'em)

So to get you going, here is something to warm-up sketch:

It's a Ward Kimball, Disney's Nine Old Men animator, drawing of Hugh Herbert of Old King Cole, from the 1938 Silly Symphony, Mother Goose Goes Hollywood. Study this for the gesture sketching.

The reason why you could and would do these is as a result, your c and s-curves will become the least weakest, and the most fluidest, boldest, and powerful.

Good luck to you, and I hope you've found these postively and absolutely encouraging.


I wanted to give it a Disney-like softness. I am very grateful for the concrete criticism. Let's study Disney animation.


Wow, this is amazing! I'm not that far so I can give you advices to improve unfortunately, but I love how your shading is done with the different values of the shadows (light shadow and very dark shadows). It makes the whole gesture very dramatic, which by the way, you captured very well! Congrats!


Wow, thank you! It's very motivating to praise the contrast. I will do my best to practice today!

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