back wards animation

by Citrus0418, July 19th 2021 © 2021 Citrus0418

I posted it to the art station.

Aunt Herbert

OK, first of all, I am incredibly impressed. I am nitpicking only, because that is what I do, and I had to dig real deep to find anything.

So, here are my 2 cents.

The walking simulation seems to have a bit of a limp. I found a few details, that seem to change somewhat unplanned:

The shoulder joint seems flat, then quickly pops forward and a bit up towards the end of the animation, which gives the apperance that he raises his shoulder, the suddenly drops it when the next cycle starts, like he is tensing up from stepping on a painful stone in his shoe or something. His left hand seems a bit bigger and be moving a bit faster when it moves behind him, a bit of a tossing motion, that mostly irritates because it is a bit different from the motion of his right hand.

The back flip definitely starts perfectly, his bowing down to collect force, then straightening quickly to propel himself upwards makes perfect sense. I somehow lose track what he does when he is in the air. It's a very fast motion, so I didn't even notice until I concentrated really hard on watching, and the convincing start of the motion perfectly distracts from it and smoothes it over, but I get an impression of a confusing roughness, right before he lands and repeats. Maybe a few additional frames would help? I really don't know how that would effect the overall timing, though.

Really don't know if that even makes sense, let alone helps you in your project, but I am under the impression, that you are quite perfectionist in your ambition.


Thanks for watching. Your critique is very informative and has been my driving force.

I will practice again.

Polyvios Animations

Well, well, well, citrus0418, I must say that, just by clicking on the link above, you're animation alone plays great, but the drawings are still the loosest and free-er indeed. Great job on your backwards animation.

So, if I was to nitpick or critique your animation shot just a little bit more, it could, would and should be that your mannikin looks and moves like it's stepped on a painful stone with a croc, and that the elbow line is a teensy bit too parallel. Would you please resort to contraposto, while pushing the line of action line of rhythm like that, with 2 hours of 27 second quick sketches of the back flip live action? (7200/27/12 days, 267/12=22 frame sketches a day)

The comprehension why you would do this is because, it can and will make your straight ahead action and poses the least stiffest and mushiest, and the most dynamic, largest, vitalest, energetic, fluidest, and liveliest.

Hope this helps.

Polyvios Animations.


For More Info, Check out these videos down here.




Good propotion of the body. The arms are a little short. Measuring the body in relation to each part helps. Look at the body as shapes.


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