jump animation

by Citrus0418, July 22nd 2021 © 2021 Citrus0418

I seek criticism advice and effective practice methods.


Aunt Herbert

The motion looks smooth and natural, the figure does it job. At some time you will probably have to go either more stylized or more naturalistic w. detailed anatomy with the depiction, but that is clearly not your focus right now, while you explore motions.

One minor idea: Using an ink brush for filling out that black shape instead of a pen/marker would probably save you a ton of time over all those individual drawings, and produce a more even result. The visible strokes from that pen wouldn't distract much from a single drawing, but they add an avoidable flickering effect to the animation.

Polyvios Animations

That animation of yours is really sensational I've seen this morning/noon, citrus. Really, really sensational job on your range of animation in your jump test. Great job on your broader strokes.

So, here's my littlest suggestion for you. It is that you'd be greatest at the most stylized animation of that thing. Would you please work pose to pose, with the most straight ahead action of that jump? With 30 minutes of 25 second ruff sketches?? (1800/25=72 scribbles to free yourself up) (Nah, they don't have to be exactly clearest)

As a result, your gestures will become the most dynamic, cartooniest and exaggerated, like in any of Jim Tyer and Emery Hawkins animations. Here are some reels.

Now keep in mind that these reels are for inspirational and influential purposes.

Now, in order to totally study these reels, press the < and > keys.

Good luck, cheers and hope these help with each new session.


Thank you for your advice.

I will watch the video and try new things.

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