by Citrus0418, August 2nd 2021 © 2021 Citrus0418

I'm not very good at drawing hands.

Polyvios Animations

Love your hands, citrus. Would you please don't hit yourself on those hand drawings. Greatest job on your hand quickest drawings. I am absolutely in admiration of how much force and gesture you've rapidly put yourself into.

Question: How long did you churn those drawings out per drawing?? Critique: I love the range of expression, emotion and acting in them, but I'm not getting enough of that one-stroke speed that I see in any Chinese watercolor or Mirko Hanak watercolor. Would you please loosen and liven up your gestures and actions in 2 hours of 119 second drawings???? (7200 seconds/119 seconds=61 doodles of hands and feet) (all in gesture drawings and blind contours with either hand)

The reason why you would and should do these is because, your perception of edges will be able to be in tune to your right hemisphere, and your range of speed and line efficiency and reliability will be refined fairly rapidly. If you're curious about the right hemisphere, be sure to look into this video down here:


Or if this fails, look into this link, please.

Cheers, happy scribbling, and I hope this is extremely and absolutely helpful, encouraging and useful.

Aunt Herbert

Great simplifications of the hand. These will be very useful as shortcuts on figures.


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