by Citrus0418, July 9th 2021 © 2021 Citrus0418

I drew it with the center of gravity and the curve in mind.

Aunt Herbert

You are using few lines, and the lines you use are very effective, which lends your drawings a very clean and deliberate aura. The poses are very readable and natural, the proportions are 95% there, and the missing 5% are most likely due to the time constraint. Great job.

Polyvios Animations

WOW! Excellent job on your 30 second quick attitudes, citrus. I love how much speed and caricature in the essenses of those poses right then and there.

I've got one tiny, smaller and littlest suggestion: I think that your quick sketches are definitely and positively on the right track; I feel that some of the lines are a bit too choppy and scratchiest. Would you kindly perform with 1 hour of 29 second quick sketches of the figures (varying undress) with literally one line with your whole shoulder??? (3600/29=124 quick gesture poses)

But that's not all!! There's one video that you'd be able to find helpful to your recent goal:

That was a video on Gesture drawing as applied to anime, manga, animation and comics. This can be applicable to your apprentice works.

Piggybacking onward to the critique; as a result, your lines will become the least stiffest, and the most fluidest, and always guaranteed for you to make them liveliest and economical and deliberate.Practice makes progress, as they all say.

Hope they helped a lot.


Anonymous, but human and definitely gendered which makes for an interesting drawing. All convey the human figure, but the fourth and fifth seem to be the least convincing. Good work overall.

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