by Citrus0418, July 18th 2021 © 2021 Citrus0418
Aunt Herbert

You are way more disciplined with your torso construction, than I ever am. I take that as a challenge. I am mostly done drawing today, but I'll try something similar tomorrow. I just need to figure out a lazy way to copy all the scans on one page, so I don't photobomb the entire site again.

But you just wait, young lad/lady/div!

Polyvios Animations

Wow! That is the most marvelous and wonderful display of quickest of sketches of the figure studies, citrus! Greatest job on your animaiton and comic lines of those poses. Very funny, and with a lot of the greatest energy. (especially your stick mannikins)

So, if I were to give you a completely and totally honest criticism, it would and could be that your gestures are totally getting to be all there, yet, I'm not getting enough of the exaggerated shape changes and line changes of your gestures. Would you like to go for a 15m+ long online interactive drawing tutorial here, please??

The reason why you could and should do this tutorial is because, it can, shall and will be quite most useful and benefical, as it helps you start off with the quickest scribbly warm-ups, then ends with the most sustained poses.

Good luck and cheers to you.

Tx Williep

I see you are using line of action on your figures to get each figure set up to draw. Also, I see that the timed one minute (very fast). This shows me you have very good eye/hand coordination. The figures you have done here are, besides being many, varied in their pose. All good. The next things you need to work on are the hands and feet. Hands may look complicated, but they are really not. First, each finger has 3 joints to the knuckle. These allow the hands to be very expressive because you can arrange them in so many ways. Suggest you start off with a stick representation of your finger to get the action set up as you want. Then flesh them out. With feet, you are dealing with triangles in almost any view. Toes and fingers are arranged in an arc, not straight across.

Use Pinterest to look up what you are interested in. Practice makes better. Your work shows you do practice. Keep it up.

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