5 minute figure study

by Sammers092, December 2nd 2021 © 2021 Sammers092

5 minutes on the course. Thanks for looking!


Neat! This looks like a tense pose, it's a little hard for me to understand what they're doing. The forms are clearly defined, and while the angles look fine on their own the position of the limbs looks like the person is trying to roll over on their back. Just that the raised leg and the raised arm makes it look like they rotate their shoulders and hip in the opposite directions. It's the pose you have when you reach for the foot to make a ring of the body with the feet over your head, a yoga pose.

There's a sense of urgency in the pose. I really like the linework, the curve of the spine into the butt especially. I can't tell if they'r reachin forward or if it's just the rotation of the body that makes it look like it (based on the long line where the body meets the ground).

In order to clarify which directions the parts are in, I'd suggest drawing primitives as a base for the body, as in the mannequin. If you're watching Proko's series on figure drawing, which I recommend, you might have encountered it already.

Arms and legs are cylinders, chest and hip areas are boxes. Then when you have the mannequin it's easy to change angles and fit the pieces together differently. In cases where the direction of a body part is difficult to indicate, you should get a better hang of it if you fit that body part inside a box so you have planes to work with. Good luck!


Nice gesture curves, with hands and feet probably even more powerful.


This is really good!!! I would suggest making the legs a little bit bigger to be more proportional with the rest of the drawing, but I love how you labeled the spine!!

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