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by Sammers092, December 2nd 2021 © 2021 Sammers092

I really tried searching for my dynamic lines and keeping them fluid, adding drama to the line work and weight to be the lines. I'm left handed and using a 2B pencil, so it's a bit smudgy.

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Bravo! Bravo! Extraordinary job on your dynamic graphic lines and shapes, sammers092. Way to go and keep this up!!

My tiniest nit to pick is that most of the lines are a bit too heavier for my tastes. Would you please work out your lines with the lightest touch, with a 5 minute study, followed by a 2 minute one, using only your shoulder and a B pencil?

The reason is because of two excuses: First of all, B is the lightest in contrast to 2B, and second of all to get your feelings down inside yourself and your model and your lines of action and rhythm, guts and humor. If you're completely and totally wanna get serious about being curious, Check out Line, Speed, Beauty. This link can help you. My hat's off to you, and I hope this is fun.


Work with the line weight to give it a sense of space. Light lines push things to the back while stronger darker likes make push things to the foreground.



Why not try mass drawing instead of line drawing? Mass drawing is using the side of your pencil and etching in only parts of the body. I think it will teach you a lot about line in general. There is a great book called the Science and Practice of Drawing. The author has whole chapters with good things to think about that I think would do your work some great improvement.

If you are left-handed, don't feel obligated to start your sketchbook from the left and work through the pages to the right. Feel free to switch sides. Start the sketchbook "backwards", which is really the right way for you.

Besides Most professors I know don't recommend/ hate when a student draws on both sides of the paper anyway because the pressings from the other side of the page can effect our work on the page we are currently and smudge our other former works on other pages. Whether you start from the left or right side of the book is usually not a deal-breaker. The fact you're already considering how neat even your sketch work is, is noteworthy. Great Job! Caring about the small things make the big things easier.

If you don't like the swap sides and draw on the other side of the sketchbook idea above, try investing in a mall stick; get used to using it all the time. It will help you not place your hand on the page when your arm gets tired.

On that note. Stretching and working out our drawing hand by lifting weights, or using resistance bands helps strengthen our drawing arm. Drawing is a very physical thing. If we work out, even remotely our ability to stay at the surface is longer and creates more confident strokes.

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