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    Hi again

    This is my fourth entry here and once again, I'm working from a sci-fi movie reference. This time it is Pixars Wall'e that is the subject. I kind of hope you can tell

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    When trying my luck with drawing environments I have found that it is easiest to draw stuff from sci-fi movies. they deal allot in clean man made lines, which makes the whole thing allot more bearable. I still need to do a bit more nature scenes, but for now it has to wait.

    today I'm being a bit predictable, I drew a scene from Wall'e



    I admit it, this is not my best work, but at least it is something. Sometimes practising doesn't mean being good, it just means being vigilant:


    More disappointingly bad scans from me... I think sylvester is absolutely right, it's very strange to post unpolished work. But I find the less I worry about what it looks like and the more I just roll up my sleeves and make a mess and draw overtop of what I'm doing until it looks like spaghetti, the more I learn. Here's to bad work on the road to perfection!


    Nice work with the Backgrounds and Facial expressions,  Sylvester and Kim.  If any of you got time, can you talk about your process of how you go about drawing  (tools, techniques) ?

    I used to do most of my art using pencil/paper, but recently I switched over to Photoshop and doing all my art digitally.I had some major hiccups initially drawing digital, but I guess I'm over that learning curve.

    Here are two images for today


    When I draw digitally, I use a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet and a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS3. In some ways it's more convenient, but in a lot of other ways it lacks some of the tactile feedback and control I'm used to, so for now I'm just sticking to pencil and paper. I want to focus on learning faces, not learning the tools. There're just too many odd speedbumps, like the settings changing on me or the pressure sensitivity not starting until I reboot three times that disrupt practice and make it even more challenging to fit it into an already swamped schedule. If I were going to finish and polish any of these pieces, I would definitely scan and continue on digitally from there.


    Hey there

    I specifically registered just now to take part in this challenge :D
    Let´s all get better together! I can´t promise to update daily due to lack of time but i´ll try to update a few times a week and at least once a week.

    My goal for this challenge is : "to get better at drawing insects"
    My steps are as following....

    I commit to drawing at least 10 drawings a week

    get a grip on general insectoid anatomy and shape
    capture the important characteristics of different insect families
    draw realistic bees

    I want to capture the feeling and look of bees and reach the goal with a refined drawing of a semi-humanoid semi-insectoid bee queen! (Therefore the insect practice)


    Mikoko -- I almost assigned myself a nearly identical challenge about this time last year. I love bees! I was gearing up to do concept art for a game, but it got put on hold. So here I am doing faces instead, as I encounter them as a challenge a little more often than bees... But I do really love bees, always have since I was a kid! Looking forward to what you produce. :)


    I agree, Kim G. sometimes that happens to me too. Even with the speed bumps, I had decided to keep my rough art all digital since I find it a little easier to archive. This helps searching a lot more easier IMHO.

    I have been chugging though Michael Hampton's book, and just moved on to a chapter that covered breaking up the body into geometrical segments with contours. This Chapter covers a bit on how each part of the anatomy is made up. So here are my three pieces, with the last one based on contours.

    Hi Mikoko, looking forward to seeing your art on insects. Sounds interesting!


    Hi again

    Sorry for the long absence, but I have had a busy couple of days.

    Today Idecided to do something a little diferent. Since I have been doing some ok sketches, I thought it might be about time that I actually spent some time and really delved into one of the issues that I have. that is why I did this still life of a flower in preparation for the nature scenes that I am gpoing to have to do soon.


    Hey there,

    I had this site bookmarked for quite some time already, but I never really used it. This 100-project thing is a great motivator though, so I started a blog which I'll update as often as possible from now. Thanks for the inspiration :)


    Sylvester, I'm totally in love with that still life. You should definitely continue to pursue that avenue.

    And hi Vyse! I took a peek at your blog, and added a reminder in my calendar to check again in 30 days to see how you're coming along since your post said you felt like you could stick to it better if you felt like someone is watching... So just know I'm your accountability buddy now! ;) Looks like you're off to a great start, though.


    Thanks, I appreciate that :)
    I am about to begin my BA-semester which means that this may have been a bad time to start the project, but I am sick of making excuses like that ("now is a bad time, because xyz"). So yeah keep reminding me not to slack. 15-30 minutes a day should easily be possible no matter what.


    That's right Vyse! We can all make time for 15-30 minutes in our days if we decide that it really matters to us and make it a priority. It will pay off huge when you turn around in a year and discover you've made HUGE strides as an artist... And all that time that you don't practice is time you can never get back!


    hi again


    due to the success of my last still life I decided to do another one, However, this will probably be the last. This is mostly because I used 4 hours on the one yesterday and I spend 3 hours on this one. So while they are challenging and important to work and practice, I think I will go back to the environments soon.

    here is the drawing:

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