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    I also found a target for the next 100…

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    Hi again

    @Vyse I think it's great that you have a goal in mind. One of the most empowering things I did when I started to draw was to tell myself; "you can do that"
    By this I mean that my current skill level is not as good as what I aspire to be, but with work and a firm grip on my goal I will be able to make it. I still do this if I see something that is particularly awesome that I want to replicate.

    So good on you Vyse, You can definitely become that good, as long as you stick with it

    here are a couple o 10 minute drawings I did with me most recent determination to work with color.



    Allthough I certainly agree with you, and allthough I do have a goal Sylvester, I must admit that the link was meant more as a joke than an actual goal for the next 100 drawings I do :P

    As empowering as having a goal can be, having an unrealistic one can be equally depressing (Which is one of the reasons so many people these days are. The strife for unrealistic things suggested by the american dream and become frustrated when it doesn't work out. Most of it like wealth, fame and beauty also don't make you happy, but i am getting off-topic) If I attempted to reach the level of that artist within the next 100 pictures I make I'd most likely get frustrated. Realistic goals are important.

    I was simply impressed with his skill and wanted to share it with you guys, wrapped in some humor, that's all.


    Good work with the color by the way. Keep at it Sylvester :)


    @Finn, thank you so much for your kind words!  I really appreciate them and the encouragement, they help me to keep going!  :D  Please keep up your awesome artwork, your drawings are beautiful!

    @Vyse , your drawings are really great, keep at it!  Thanks for sharing your art with us!  :)


    You are aware that I am the one making these, right? o.oa

    The photorealistic stuff wasn't me in case you got confused.


    Deleted user

    Those pics look like as if they were drawn by using speedpaint.



    I love how your "low resolution" images still manage to capture so very much inspiration. I was getting bored of just churning out pencil drawings of faces. I wonder if sprinkling in a few color attempts like those will refresh me.

    Should I nag and say you came here to tackle landscapes, and encourage you to beat your head against the frustration for a little while again? :)


    I mean it Vyse, you do nice stuff!!  :D  Everyone here does awesome work, I'm really happy I came across this website!  :)


    Thanks A_A

    On that note: HurrDurr Update


    I really like that comparison between from life and from imagination. Seems like arms and hands are a bit of a challenge for you right now?


    I'm not so sure about the arms, but I've been putitng off taking a closer look at hands and feet for a while now. It's scheduled, but I don't know when I'll get there. Until now I literally put almost no effort into hands to be honest. A circle and a few lines tht might be fingers with a lot of imagination, done.
    I guess I'll give Anatomy another look soon which will hopefully fix the arms and male/female differentiation issues. Hands, feet and faces will come after that I suppose.



    Deleted user

    Kim, my problems in drawing are the limbs and torsos. My  main problems are drawing the male torso. I'm thinking that I should keep practicing  on those aspects. I hope that I did this comment right, but thanks for the topic.


    That sounds like a very reasonable goal, and definitely something that you could focus on in here. :)

    Deleted user

    Thank you Kim. I really appreciate the support. Also, I'm real sorry about breaking the rules about the forums.

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