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    I have not tried that approach
    I might actually give that a shot, thanks

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    Thanks, El Bow! Really like your coloured environments, sylvester_hansen, especially the frozen tundra picture.

    El Bow, would putting your aims on a post-it near your workspace help too? Mine are written on a post-it stuck beside my monitor, so I can always see what I'm aiming to do.






    would have, if I had my own computer.
    Working at a computer lab


    Hi again

    I just realized that it has been a while since anyone updated anything on this forum. I decided to remedy that, by doing a 30 minute class. I tried to record every step, to see what kind of progress that I have.

    here it is:

    PS. you might have to zoom in to see some of the 30 second ones


    Hi again

    I decided that it would be a good idea today to try my luck at some different textures in photoshop. That is why I drew this entire piece with a square brush. I hope you like it


    Huh! That came out really interesting, reminds me of pixel art. I'm impressed with your sticktoitivness Sylvester. I've been allowing work to wipe me out. I have a long weekend coming up, and can't wait to get back into it!


    Good god sylvester, stop uploading stuff that frustrates people of lesser skill and practice =<


    Haha. We can all get there if we keep to it! 100 images! Go go go! ;)


    Mini progress report!  So I completed my goal of 100 1-minute gesture drawings within and actually bumped it up to 200 because I was having a lot of fun doing them!

    I'm someone who has always loved drawing comic/manga characters but really, REALLY sucked at it (I'm embarrassed to look at some of my earlier stuff).  I could just about sketch if given a picture but when it came to drawing from mind, my 'creations' were not terribly good to say the least.  They always looked so stiff and awkward.  After researching a bit, I decided to try 1 minute gesture drawings.  I watched a bunch of videos, searched for tips online but always felt confused, so many people had their own style but I couldn't figure out what would work for me.

    After getting to about 60 odd drawings, I decided to try doing quick gesture drawings without the timer and found a style that works for me!  I realized I'm more of a scribbler and tend to follow along the contours of the body.  Some people use flow lines or stick figures, those didn't quite work for me but when I found my own style, I was really happy!  I actually found something that worked for me!

    So I continued from there and after each 20 minute session of gesture drawing, I would do my own gestures from mind and -I'm happy to say- am much better at them!  :D  I can draw more dynamic character poses which I'm really pleased with!

    Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to share because I'm genuinely really pleased with my progress!  I'm not a good artist so a little improvement is a big thing for me!  XD  I've managed to stick with my intended goals of learning more about dynamic figures and understanding the anatomy more.

    My advice to anyone struggling with drawing:  If I can somehow improve, anyone can!!  I know it's discouraging when you have a sucky drawing but you just need to accept that you'll get some not-so-great drawings along with some pretty great ones.  You're improving more than you realize!

    :D  Keep up the awesomeness everyone!  My next goal:  200 more gesture drawings, to try and draw just a tad faster.  I sometimes go a little over the 1 minute mark so I want to improve upon that and better my abilities to draw dynamic figures.  :)

    Sorry again for the long post!  XD


    Congatulations A_A! That is a HUGE step forward! You have a whole lot to celebrate, and you're an inspiration to the rest of us.

    As the first to complete the challenge, would you be interested in being interviewed for the blog? :)


    @A_A, that's pretty sweet! Congrats
    It's always good to see a fellow student staying motivated and accomplishing a big goal like this. I feel so much more motivated to keep drawing and hit that century.

    @sylvester_hansen. Love the new art, keep it rolling. It's always a treat to see what you post here.
    The technique you had mentioned gave my art so much more depth. Since I hadn't scoped render styles for this 100 drawings, I'm going to save that technique for a little later.

    my progress: I'm feeling a lot more confident with gesture drawing (23, 24, 25, 26). Moved over to a chapter on head and body construction (a,b,c,d)



    hi again

    one of the things I have mentioned doing to stay ahead is copy other artist styles. this is actually a good idea, as long as you don't go to far with it. if you play homage to n artist it is fine. Copy what they are doing once and make sure that people know that this is not your style. If you start claiming that this is your style that you came up with all on your own, you will have trouble. Not only because it is untrue, but because you will never live up to the origonal.

    With that in mind, I did a bit of fanart, based of of the artist Tara mcPherson


    @Kim G, thank you so much for your kind words!  :)  I should really thank you for this site because it inspired me to do the drawings!  I wouldn't have improved had I not come to this site!  :)  I would love to do an interview for the blog, I feel very honored and would be happy to do so!

    @El bow, thank you so much too, for your lovely comment!  I really appreciate it and feel inspired too, to keep going and drawing!  You're a rocking' artist, your drawings are awesome!  :D

    @sylvester hansen, beautiful artwork!  I especially love the use of the different shades of blue!


    Hi again

    one of the ways that I enjoy to keep my artistic skill up to date (and I believe that I have mentioned this), is to do a 30 minute class from this site. For me, 30 minutes is the perfect length for a quickie practice session. You don't get to frustrated and you stay lose. This was what I committed today:


    I was productive as well over the past few days and hoped someone here could give me an idea on where to go from here. Proportions are getting better I guess, so maybe anatomy would be next?


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