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    Whoooa! I love what you did to that windom! I'm such a sci-fi junkie.

    Check this for how to post images, it's pretty easy:

    Get more practice photos

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    Thanks! me too xD

    ok, I am going to try (sorry if it doesn't work)

    if not, I might have to host the pictures differently : )


    sorry for posting the last one twice, I cant figure out how to remove it (admin: help!)

    I am going to attempt uploading photos again:

    ok? i hope xD


    Admin to the rescue! duplicates deleted. :)

    I'm glad you got the image tag working, those are very cool. I really need to get back on the stick again. I just did a digital painting for a friend recently and it was much harder than it was before.


    I've decided to start the 100 project as well.
    1)Work on general gestures drawing (male and female) to get a sense of movement or depth
    2)Work on faces-eye placements, noses, mouths, ears, basically all of it
    3)Work on hands (as they are my worst subject)
    4)Put it all together to be able to draw people
    I have already done some drawings (4)

    The third one was done off a reference photo of myself.
    The last would've been the best if not for the hands- I need to work on hands.


    @ und3c1ph3red

    I am sorry if this comes off snotty, it is not in any way my intention! I just really want to give you my advice - if you don't want it, please don't shout at me, it is with the best intention possible.

    soo....I am almost done with my second 100 project and I always feel that what gives the best results is to work on the basics. This could be line quality, overall motion of a figure, anatomy, shape etc.
    I say this because I think you might be better off working on your lines go get the motion you're after rather than to study the different parts of a human: a gesture drawing is almost never very accurate, often times it is just the essence of the pose, not a complete representation of the whole figure, like the ones you've drawn (even though they are very nice - especially the first one :). To get motion you could work on line of action, the bean (search for "Proko" on youtube) pushing forms/ twisting them or maybe you could set yourself the goal of only drawing 5 - 10 lines per figure, to enhance line quality (they must be done in one sweep, not many) and to observe better.

    you will of course get better with any type of practice, this is just what I would have done if I was in your shoes - please don't hate me : )


    @ lokken
    Don't worry about, I'm not going to shout at you. I welcome criticism and advise, and I won't hate you for it. If you think that I should work on the line of action, then I will look into to :D I actually find your advise to be quite helpful, so thanks. Just one question; would you mind elaborating a bit more on what I should work on? Lines of action is one. But at first when you say lines, were you still talking about lines of action? Or actual lines- focus more on lines, less on value? Either would probably be good to work on.
    Anyway, thank you for the advise :D


    Oh, and working on the basics is always important, I agree.


    oh good: ) sometimes it is really easy to get into cat fights on the internet : )

    with line quality I am talking about the general line (outline etc.) it would appear that you draw your lines in small segments, but if you try (and it is hard, I know, I still work at it!) to make long, sweeping lines, preferably tapering a little at the end. an example could be an outline of a leg - if you draw a long S-curve instead of a lot of little lines it most times appear a lot more dynamic and in motion. Line quality also sometimes appear better if you make thick lines where there is shadow and very thin lines were there is light.

    A good method is to draw with your whole underarm (not just the wrist, as most people do) and before you put down a line, you "ghost" it (at school we called it to "play golf" because golf players practice their swing before they actually do it) over the paper and then put down the line in a quick motion.

    I think my drawing improved more than I could ever had imagined when I learned to make dynamic lines, so that is definitely what I would work on first - it think will give your drawings more motion : )


    Too true, some people online get very touchy about... well, about anything. Yes, you are correct about the way I draw lines; tbh, I kinda liked the way it looked, but I completely understand what you mean about the longer lines making it more dynamic and fluid. I probably should make the transition...
    I can advocate it though by saying it adds it's own automatic shading, in a way. For me at least, it helps to get an idea of where to shade-similar to using thick and thin lines in dark or light areas. Maybe I could combine the best of both worlds?
    Anyway, any other advice is perfectly welcome :) You have any critiques on any of the drawings up there?


    The drawings are actually quite good, the only thing I can say about it is the same as you - they lack some movement : )

    I totally get the light/shadow thing, and I am not saying you should do the other thing forever, just try it out. It helps with the speed too, without it I never could do a 60 second pose! : ) I do think you need to master both worlds before you merge them though, but when you do, I am sure it will be great : )

    My only other advice would be to have fun, that kind of stuff shows up in a drawing too : D


    Too true, and I know you weren't saying to just get rid of the one style. Once I finish the drawing I'm doing now, I'll post it for you. I'm actually doing a merge now, and it seems to be working well :P
    Thanks for the complement about the drawings, though; personally, I think the first and second are the best. The last could've been except for the hands. Thanks for the advice, I'll keep working at it :D


    Oh yeah, forgot to post that drawing I mentioned, so here.
    I know the face itself isn't perfect, but I think the lines look better. Curious as to what you think.


    The lines look much more decisive to me, und3c1ph3r3d!


    Thanks :) That is much appreciated. I tried on that one.

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