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    Hey there
    @Kim : That sounds pretty awesome, can you tell us what kind of game in general it was going to be, or is it top-secret? ;-)
    Although you can always get better, i feel at least kinda confident drawing faces, so i prepare for the insect part of my bee-queen through this challenge.(100 pics of practice for just one pic at the end, quite the effort if you think about it, haha)

    @Sylvester: Nice still life, you got the colors and shape down very nicely, the second one is also great thou not as atmospheric as the first one it is more accurate.

    Here i am with my first update on the progress of my personal challenge.
    I drew 4 pictures already as you will see and i also specified some more point in my challege ....

    Concerning the characteristic features of insect families i chose three categories which will contain 10 pictures each:


    I also added another step:

    I will draw seperate stand-alone parts of insect bodies (to grasp the anatomy more accurately)

    And here are my first 4 pictures, hopefully the upload will work out fine.

    Number 1

    Number 2

    Number 3

    Number 4

    looking forward to doing more stuff :D

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    I might need help on the linking ......

    Edit: Thank you very much Kim!


    Hi Mikoko, I edited your post to make the links into links. When you're writing a post, you can highlight the text you want to hyperlink and then click the "link" button. If you're on the visual tab it looks like little chain links. That will automatically do the link stuff for you. :)

    It looks like you're off to a really strong start, and are packing a ton into each practice session.

    I'm sorry I can't say more about the game, I don't think I can say more without NDA issues.


    Its alright, i thought so already ..... stuff like developement is always top-secret :D
    The first picture are 60 second drawings from your animal drawing tool.
    The third are 60 seconds as well but i added some details from imagination afterwards :)
    Second and fourth are a few minutes on each insect..... i try to make them really speedy but i tend to put details on them afterwards - shame on me - >,<

    I plan to do 25 pics of those before i start with the next step, although i can already feel the thought come up ..... "20 more insect drawings!? really !?" haha
    But i will stick to the challenge!!!


    It is ever so difficult to make yourself stick with the basics... It's human nature to want to move on to the flashier, newer things. Just keep reminding yourself that it's like doing stretching before dancing, or training before a marathon... The more you do the basics, the better your big flashy stuff will be in the end!


    Jo Sylvester,

    looks like you're making good progress. I'm not sure if you aren't doing it that way already, but take a look at this video. It's not about the blending but the colder and warmer colors in shadowed and lit areas.


    The style is a bit comicy, but if you pick less extreme warmer and colder variations of your base color, this might help your pictures? Well that stuff is still beyond my level anyway, I just remembered the video and thought I'd share it with you. Keep up the good work.


    I also updated my blog, but the results are worse than yesterday... I spent less time on the pictures so that was probably to be expected, but I got to experiment a bit in exchange so I guess it was worth it nonetheless.


    Hi Vyse


    Thanks for the video and yes that is basically what I do when I draw , though I don't actually blend all that much, so there was some great advice there.

    I usually do these drawings quite quick, but I almost always upload them to my tumblr, so if you want some reference of my work you can look here:

    I hope you enjoy my work and if there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask.




    I tried something different today, I drew a face.

    to be honest, this wasn't as much of a challenge I maybe needed, but I figured it was a better idea to draw anything, anything at all, than to get rusty.


    @Vyse That blending tutorial is pretty insightful. I think I might use that sometime down the line.

    This is my two pieces for today One and two

    I have been slowly moving away from gesture and concentrating more on facial structure/features. .

    Till the next update.


    Stop making me feel bad about my stuff with your superior skills El Bow :(
    Seriously though, good job, keep it up.


    I have been following your blog and I have to say I really like those gestures you have drawn. I think 6/100 is pretty good. None of my art too matches the reference images. It's all looking good.

    I have been reading up on this book since the last 10 days and geez, I am finally understanding the breakdown of structure. Maybe you would find it useful too ;)


    Well thanks. I guess I am halfway decent at drawing from reality… Not so much when I draw from imagination as you may have noticed after looking at my last few pictures…

    The book looks good, but of course the German Amazon page doesn't have it >_<


    I've been having trouble keeping my commitment to draw every day... I am interviewing new office assistants over the next week so I'm hoping that help is on the way and I will be able to stop working quite so late quite so often.

    That book does indeed look good. I might put it on my list of things to pick up if it is helping you!


    Woah, hey Kim, you of all people can't stop this. You inspired us to do everything you've seen in this topic. How are we supposed to keep faith without your good example? ;)


    I'm trying! Honest I am!! I will be bringing my sketch book with me this weekend. I have to travel. Hopefully I will have time for it on the train and etc.

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