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    Welp, eteng, I really gotta say that you're really showing yourself on the right track and setting up for success. The two great things that I like about your drawings so much is how much elegance and charm in your figures and your character design doodle. I am SO in love with your gesturalness and anatomical realism in your hand drawings. Great job at all of these three genres of drawing.

    So, to say that you're practically new at your drawings of figure drawings, I'd say that some of the figure drawing landmarks, specifically the legs and butts are very fluid and solid, and subtly lively, yet I'm not getting enough of the boldness, the power, and the audacity in the sketches. Would you please free up your hands with an in-website online drawing tutorial here?

    The reason why you should do this tutorial is because, your forms and forces will become the least rigidiy and the most expressiveness in the line weights, gestures and fluidity, and energy.

    Good luck to you and your journey, and happy scribbling.


    Why is the page black?

    -Polyvios Animations


    So, eevee, I see where you're going with these sketches of the bodies. I really love how quick and nearly recognizable your quick torsos are so much.

    And as for your torso problems,- they're gonna sound a bit too long, so please bear with me

    -The ribcage section of that is a bit too stretched out to me, cause you really did pay attention to the relationships of the torso, as connected to the rest of the body.

    Solution: Work out the torso warm-ups with 1 hour of 29 second bodies from photos, life classes (Zoom or otherwise), and this link on some drawing torso tips and tricks, if you can learn and use it, then apply it to the formed finished drawing.

    The arguement behind this is the question: Anatomy, how indepth can you study it?- Well, my suggestion is that you can and shall be able to do the quick roughs that have a sense of give and life to them, especially when it comes to the elaborate studies of nudes/non-nudes.

    Cheers, and I hope this helps you out even the most.


    So, icantdrawyet, please don't be so hard on yourself, I think your first gesture drawings are on the right track. Great use of gesture and emotion, indeed.

    If I was to point out one issue, it could be that most all of your 2 minute attitude drawings are a bit too hardest, itchy lines and all. Would you like to go for 30 minute custom session of 1 minute pose sketches to warm up your dominant and non-dominant hands? (30 attitude pictures) (Warning: This may be overwhelm you, but I feel that you can do it)

    The reason why you can and shall do this is as a result, your line quality will improve fairly quickly with time and attention, not to mention the pairing of forces and forms.

    Feelings first, anatomy second

    -Eric Goldberg, Disney Hand-Drawn Animator

    Hope this has been positively and absolutely encouraging and helpful.


    Nicest tries on your first ever gesture drawing Imgur post, itzhoyt. Very, very, very, very, VERY great job showing a range of movement on the bolder to even the subtle poses.

    So, two answer your questions, I'd suggest: 1) Start off with a interactive drawing tutorial here on our site. 2) For the new beginners, I'd recommend the 30 minute class mode. And number 3, Go for the inherent gestures in the anything in life, including the moving and emotional poses.

    Three reasons: 1) To get you best acquainted with the fundamentals of quick sketches. 2) To get you the best taste of the drawing classes.(even if you don't get into the live classes very often. 3) To be the most honest in your drawing execises and quick sketching skills.

    Good luck, and I hope this totally appliest to you and your new, first goal.


    Gorgeous work on your 30 minute class mode, Jon_draws1242. Great work on your forces and forms, and your details, as good looking as they were, you're getting there. Don't be too rough on yourself, you're getting a little bit better every day, if only you'd do it or try doing the job. Great use of perspective, weight, construction and motion in your forms and forces and details.

    My tinier, smaller suggestion is that I love your 5 and 10 minute studies, but I'm not so certain on how your forms and details move and emote to the forces. Would you pleace like to loosen up your wrist, elbow and shoulder with a 10 minute pose, followed by a 5 minute attitude drawing?

    The reason why you could and should do this tiniest, smallest suggestion is because, your forms and details will be able to shed away some of the rigidity, and push for all of the dynamism, fluidity, liveliness and energy and gutsiness.

    Just so you'd know:

    Practice makes myelin, and myelin makes perfect.

    -Daniel Coyle.

    For more inspiration, be sure to look at this video:



    Please don't let it overwhelm you, for this may and might be totally influential.

    Good luck to you and your first ever goal.


    Good night from Salem, MA.


    Hello, Oregonian, good evening. This is Polyvios Animations.

    How are you?

    Say, I'm doing some gesture sketch warm-ups for my hands and feet.


    Greatest job on your contrasts of colors and temperatures of the colors, zxding. Way to go, zxding!

    If you want my answer to that question, it could be to find this image on your computer's hard drive, then duplicate, and later put on a black-and-white fliter in order to judge the tones or values just a little bit better.

    The reason is because, it can help you ace your understanding of the lights, shadows, and the gestalt. And if you really need to learn more info. Look this video up>


    This video can help you.

    Cheers to you, and most of all, cheers to your current and future goals.

    Polyvios Animations


    Kdimitrov, I really must say that you're really onto something in terms of your movement of your rough but cleaner figure drawings. What I really admire is that how much movement you've got into the anatomy and gesture in complete detail. Great job on most all of them.

    What I must say that though your 3 minute poses are most natural than your 5 minute poses, all the while, I'm totally not getting enough of the distortion and exaggeration of movement and emotion. Would you please loosen up and draw larger, lightest, largest, and most importantly, liveliest, with 30 minutes of 2 minute attitudes? (15 poses, in our custom class option) Extra option: Go to YouTube and look at any Chaplain or Keaton film frame-by-frame with the , and . keys.

    The reason why you could do this idea is because, it can help you get into the animator's mindset in the motion and performance and action, while focusing on the plastic forces, and more importantly, to make your sketches the least stiffest, and the most solidest, most fluidest and liveliest.

    Good luck with your current goal.


    You know what I'd recommend? Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA, cause it's the greatest one in the East Coast!


    Well, your female figure is amazingly incredible display of drafting skill, MorganWant. That's your very awesome job on your overall proportioins and angles and details.

    So, if I could suggest you a littler suggestion, I must say that though the action and acting is really getting closer there into the gesture drawing, but.....I'm not getting enough of the fluidity and life in the spaces, lines, and relationships. Would you kindly free up your hands with yet another 30 minute class mode?

    The reason why you could, would and should do this critique is because, if your current and/or goal is to make your figures do something and feel like they're totally moving, then I could encourage you to do it.

    Good luck to you and your current goal. And furthermore, check out and Youtube's Proko robobean video.

    Polyvios Animations.


    Say, you're really know where you're going with your edges, your spaces, your relationships, your lights and shadows, and more importantly, your gestalt, Dumplings. Way to go on your incredible and awesome observation of human bone and muscle anatomy.

    My tinest and littlest criticism is that there is not enough of the cartooning and exaggeration of the gestures, bones and muscles where they should be in those things. Would you please theraputically loosen up your dominant hand with 10 minutes of 30 second poses of the general and specific figures? (20 attitudes)

    The reason why you could and would do this critique is as a result, your basic human anatomy will become the least blandest, and the most dynamic, satirical and spontaneous as you would possibly play with in terms of human acting and emotions.

    Good luck and my hat's off to you. Have lots of fun.


    Hey, I just selected the link, then copied the link and later, pasted it on the address bar. The image is a blank box, and the link is totally unclickable. Please fix it up.

    Thank you for your time and cooperation.

    Polyvios Animations.

    Keep this in mind next post.


    Well, well, well, well, WELL, AuslerDraws, I'm been thinking all too much about your drawings (sorry if I'm exaggerating). They have a greater sequential range of motion, action and movement for your ninja character or personality.

    My futher recommendation is that though your rough poses are great at capturing your animator's line, Sakuga line, that is, but I really need to get more and more of the boldest and dynamic line of action in your poses. Would you kindly be able to go for 15 minutes of 30 second attitudes? (900 seconds/30 second pose=30 poses) And while you're at it, kindly find a reel of some of your favorite Sakuga animators on YouTube.

    The reason why you could and would and should do this is because, anybody and anything moves. Also, to make your lines the lightest, fastest, funniest, and liveliest lines of balance and rhythm. Trust me, this'll get to be a lot better with time.

    Good luck and sayonara,

    Polyvios Animations.

    P.S. What is your most latest and recent goal?