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    Well, sietu, I completely and really admire your current efforts of the croquis. Great work on your organic forms and gestures, greater job on every one of them.

    So, in order to help you ease yourself into the shading, atelier-Charles-Bargue-style, you must and oughta loosen up your lines, cause your poses are not getting enough of the freedom of graphic lines. Would you please do that with 9 minutes of 4 minutes and 30 second warm-ups? (2)

    After all, there is no right or wrong way to do things, sometimes.

    Mostly, when you're getting the fluid drawing, it's best to work gradual but quickly.

    As a result, your subjects and studies will be able to achieve absolute and energetic drawn likenesses. So, take this quote with a grain of salt, but this is worth it for us. Cheers to you, and I hope this helps you out.


    Nice job on your figure sketching practice, Sietu. Nice to hear you having fun with that process. My one small issue is that though the gestural confidence of the hands and feet are really getting there, but they are way, way too scribbler and itchiest. Would you please loosen up your gestural hands with 10 minutes of 30 second hand and foot practice drawings? (20 of them) As a result, your hands and feet will become the most clearest and cleanest in terms of the lines. (despite some of the vague graphic shapes in them)

    Do. Or do not. There is no try.

    -Yoda from Star Wars Franchise

    Pardon my little Star Wars quote, but it seems quite useful to use students and pros of art, cartooning, animation and all things related. This thing is worth it.

    Hope this quote influences and inspires you.


    Thanks for the repairs.


    P.S. I hope you'll make the time for this problem, Kim and Sanne.


    Hey, Line of Action, I've got a problem. Today, when I was done typing my description, of my image that I've done that day, it started uploading, but it really crashed, and not even uploading. Please, fix it!

    And also, I'd like to thank you for the website and some newest photos.

    Polyvios Animations.


    Hey, Line of Action, I've got a problem. Today, when I was done typing my description, of my image that I've done that day, it started uploading, but it really crashed, and not even uploading. Please, fix it!

    And also, I'd like to thank you for the website and some newest photos.

    Polyvios Animations.


    Woah! Those are the greatest display of promise and potential I've seen today. Great job on your gestures, edges and spaces of the figures you've quickly sketched. And, I feel that you've sent out that link just right-I think you did.

    I've got one tiniest, llttlest and small criticism for you, regarding on that half-nude's right arm. I feels a bit just right, but it stll looks like it's a bit too longer in relationship with rest of the body, but otherwise, you have really still got it. Would you please carve out the proportions of the whole body, while retaining the guts and spark of the quickest sketch? (all in 2 5-minute sketches, just to help you out on your goal, of taking your time)

    The reasoning is, as long as you just follow through, then you're forms will become the most solidly constructed proportions and angles so far, so great.

    Here's this tutorial, but I know it's geared towards drawn animators, but still applicable to artists in general.


    Hope this helps.


    Nicest job on your eye expressions and shapes, AuslerDraws. Absolutely stunning.

    So, here's a question: How long did it take for you to do those eye drawings exactly?

    A nitpick for you, I love the anatomy and structure you've got for those eyes and eye shapes, but there's not enough of the strongest gesture and motion in range. Would you please loosen up your eyes funny with 6 minutes of 2 minute eye studies with this image below? Here's a link.

    The reason why you could and should do this suggestion is because, the cartoon eyes are a lot more simpler than the more realistic eyes, despite being the most deceptively simple, but they are very, very clear in communication, visually. But if you could break them down in simplest and clearest gestures, then you'd be able to get the point. See??

    Good luck.


    Say, Smiller, that's the most marvelous display of a portfolio of the figure drawings and sketches. Greatest of jobs so far, so greatest, on your quick sketches and figure rendering.

    Well, in general, you're making some greatest progress for the first time from you. So, my issue with what I'm seeing specifically, is that the quick sketches have a bit too much extraneous lines. Would you kindly be a bit more boldest with your gestural lines, a lot more loosest with 30 minutes of 29 second quick sketches of figures? (1800/29=62 quickest scribbly pose warm-ups)

    The reasoning why you should do this suggestion is because, to help make your lines the smoothest, slickest, and have the nicest appeal to the lines, and to make your lines of action and rhythm the least stiffest and the most dynamic, lively and spontaneous.

    For more inspiration, here's an image for you to download and study.

    It's of a Mickey Mouse ruff animation sketch done by Legendary Disney Animator, Fred Moore, for an unfinished cartoon, Pigskin Pluto.

    Cheers and I hope these've helped.


    In general, greatest job on all your drawing efforts, masterhation. And specifically, greatest job on your figure sketch session. And much specifically, greatest work on your tree frog, portraits, hands and feet.

    If I was to give you the most particular goal for you, it would, could and should be that your figure drawings, I not getting enough of the especially loose look and feeling and humor to them, especially the organic forms. Would you please make your goal: To make my organic figure spaces and forms and relationships the least stiff and the most fluidest????

    The premise behind this thing is because, it could be able to get you the most practice, filling up your sketchbook that way. Also, devote a dozen more pages to portraits, a dozen more pages for animals, a dozen for the hands and feet, and especially, a dozen more for the figures. And while you're at it, would you please find the times to take a nap, if you can?????

    Cheers, and I hope this helps.

    Polyvios Animations.

    P.S. The napping tip was and is from the Daniel Coyle book, Audible audiobook and Kindle ebook, The Little Book of Talent. Check out this link now please:


    Ihinfuo, I really, really, really, really, really must say that your figural forms are very well-defined and articulated. You've done a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very great job on those forms.

    So, if I was to suggest an improvement, that is, in the case of the shading, that your tones are a bit too monotonous for me. Would you please check out this link here?:

    The sound mind behind this is as a result, your shading performance will fairly and dramatically improve once you download this link on mastering your pencil's tones.

    Hope this've helped you out the most.


    Krustykrab, what I love about your drawings is that you did a really greatest job on your quickest poses ever. All of your lines in general are the most perfectly readable and perceptable, despite that some of them are too itchiest and scratchiest.

    My problem with those lines of action, mood and rhythm, are what I've just said. Would you please loosen and liven up your lines with 4 more minutes of 1 minute blind contours, all drawn without looking at your paper or tablet or display?????????

    The reason why is because, you'd be able to warm up most always with the blindest and most reckless with your practices, but your line quality and consistency will be able to be the most fastest and appealing and cartooniest. Here's a quote.

    We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us-the sooner we get them out, the better


    Hope this will help.


    Great work on your quicker sketches in general, ChiliSoda, that's a mighty finest job indeed!

    In general, your curves are more organic and the most readable in terms of the outlines. Your poses are boldest, and finally, very clearest in their silhouettes, in terms of the most action and mood.

    So, my biggest critique would and should be that your caricatures satires of the bodies are not the boldest and powerfulest enough yet. Would you please be able to do 2 minutes of 1 minute poses??????

    The reason why you could and should do this is because, practice makes progress, not just perfect, and your lines of rhythm will become the least stiffest, and the most solidest, fluidest and liveliest.

    Good luck!


    Nice work on your figure's lines of action and rhythm, EddieRamos913. Very good job on your clean lines, fluid and perfectly readable pose, albeit subtle.

    I've got one tiniest suggestion. I love your lines of rhythm popping up in this nude, but I'm not getting enough of the exaggerations of those caricaturable lines. Would you please be able to do 30 minutes of 29 second poses? (all flipped vertically, and all drawn with your shoulder.

    The reason why is because,, this link will be able to help make your straights and curved lines will become the most totally satirized in your quick sketches.

    One other reason: your poses will become looking like or seeming like it was roughed out in one stroke. Good luck!


    Hey there, angst, I'm really enjoying the crafting talent that went into this sketch, as far as the finished sketching goes. That's some very great potential.

    So.......if I was to pick one issue, or problem, it could and would be that her right foot is a bit too floaty and scribbly in my angle. Would you kindly work on loosening up your broad and wider strokes with 30 minutes of 30 second hands and feet stroke sketches? (60 broad, bold strokes) And would you please kindly look at this link while you're at it?

    The two reasons: A) You'd be able to spend the least amount of time with the forms and details. B) That link is a tribute to Hornet, now Mx. Abi, and how much it means to practice and progress in the name of myelin and progress. But wait, there's more?! Just so you'd think that 30 seconds ain't enough, then why don't you kindly check out this link??

    Good luck to you, and I hope these helped.