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    I've already looked at your drawings from your last post, Pixelguru, for they're already magnificent and marvelous poses, indeed.

    My issue or difficulty with these poses, is that though the shapes and forms are already all right, but the graphic shapes are not the quickest, slickest, smoothest and not the nicest appeal to them enough. Would you please be able to broaden your lines the most with 30 more minutes of 299 second quickest poses?? (about 6 attitudes in the nude/cloth) (all from a custom timer/session)

    The reason is, as a result, your body drawings and sketches will be the least rigid and harshest, and the most loosest, lightest, longest, largest and liveliest in terms of the organic drawings, lines of action and lines of rhythm. For more info, be sure to look this up below.

    Good luck to you and your goal, and I hope this helped.


    Welp, Pixelguru, your drawings are some of the most marvelous figure anatomy drawings I've ever seen. Great job on your edges. Great job on your spaces and relationships (proportions and angles), and lights and shadows.

    My smallest and insignifigant nitpick for your drawings for 10 minutes should and would be that your lines are really and actually not fluid and cleanest and quickest enough to me. Would you please do 1 hour of 5 minute poses of anatomy? (12 nudes and non-nudes) The reason is because, to help you caricature, distort, exaggerate and satirize the organic shapes, forms, and lines of action, and lines of rhythm. Good luck with you and your learning curve.


    That's impressive, Jan. Thank you.


    Greatest job on our 30 second quicker sketches of the figures, slvsh. Very, very, very, very great job.

    My biggest issue or criticism is that some of the lines of some of the poses are already appealing, but they seem a bit farthest too choppiest. Would you please do 2 hours of 29 second quickest sketches of figure drawings, with a custom timer???? (all flipped normal, horizontally and/or vertically) (7200/29=248 quick figures with your manga characters, with a 15 minute break inbetween)

    The logical arguement is because, it can help you tap yourself into your right side of your brain, plus, to help you observe what you really see, but what you feel. If you're curious about the most quick sketching, be sure to look up the 2 Walt Stanchfield books on Kindle on Amazon.

    Good luck, cheers and my hat's off you, and happy scribbling.


    Say! You must REALLY, totally know where you're going, Zviko. I think you're very functional in your step by step drawing. I really feel like that you're on the right track, and you may and might need a little more practice. I just completely and totally love your second and third steps on your 1 hour class' 25 minute pose.

    My biggest criticism or issue is that some of the lines in the first ever step is a bit farther too timidest, shakiest and wiggliest in the graphic shapes and negative spaces. Would you please be the most boldest and ruthless and smoothest with a 29 minute and 59 second pose on custom timer for your figure drawing, in pure contour mode?? (1799 seconds) The reason is because, I feel that you'd be able to draw what you're really seeing, rather that what you think you're really, really seeing. More details, look up the Betty Edwards books on Kindle, Audible and physical books. Cheers to your goal and I hope these books help.


    Marvelous work on your...what is it? A 1 hour class? dilandoubishop. Marvelous and very great job on your current work on the human figures. (especially your quick roughs from 30s-1 minute)

    I feel that the ruffs are just not too quicker enough I see, for they are very too extraneous in lines, but otherwise, they're all very, very, very clearest and cleanest. Would you like to please be the most boldest and ruthless with your line economy and organic flow with 2 hours of 59 second quickest poses? (7200/59=122 quieckest ruff sketches) (ruff=rough, a Disney term, more info, look into Dick Williams' The Animator's Survival Kit, Expanded Edition) (custom timer)

    As a result, your lines and organic shapes and forms will become the least stiffest and scratchiest, and the most fluid, cleanest, dynamic, spontaneous, liveliest and energetic. For more details, be sure to look into the Mike Matessi books on PDF and the Proko Gesture drawings for free on YOUtube.

    Good luck to you and your goal.


    Greater job on your eye and nose drawings, AuslerDraws. I love how much you've sculpted out the graphic shapes and spaces.

    If I could suggest some totally and sincerely honest criticism, it could be that you're a bit too impatient with those facial features here, cause they look a bit farthest too rigidest. Would you please loosen up your shapes and spaces with two 299 second sketches of those eyes and noses, and ears? (2x4 minutes and 59 seconds) (on a custom timer here)

    The logic behind this, as a result, your lines, shapes, spaces and forms will become the least harshest and stiffest, and the most fluidy, flowing, organic and lively. Lively, like any Eric Goldberg Drawing.


    Hope this totally inspires you, despite the Chuck Close quote:

    Inspiration is for amateurs.

    Tip of the day: Adopt a blue-collar mindset.

    Cheers to you and your goals.



    Marvelous and phenominal job on your figure's lines, spaces and proportions and angles, slvsh.

    My biggest problem with them is though they're really perfect, but the exaggeration is not that too excellent to me. Would you please loose, lighten and liven up your relationships, perception of spaces and lines with 10 minutes of 5 minute poses, in the time limits section of figure studies???

    As a result, your edges, spaces and relationships will be the most caricatured, exaggerated and satirized, and the least stiffest and undertured. If you're the most curious about the perceptions in drawing, please check out these links to Betty's Kindle of Drawing From the Artist Within. And, A Kindle of Dr. Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, 4th Edition. This links can and shall help you out on your goals and aims.

    Good luck to you and your learning curve.


    Great work on your very first post of the figure drawings, Sabinlord!!

    My biggest critique is that though those figure sketches are general fluidy and flowy, but most specifically, those lines are far too rigid, stiffest, itchiest, scratchiest and choppiest. Would you please try and do this in class drawing tutorial here on this website?

    The reason is totally because, first you start with the quickest warm-ups, then you get to slow down the most with these longer studies, and finally, the longest one is the 5 minute study. And most importantly, it can get you the most aquainted and comfortable with quick sketching with the most practice and patience.

    To learn a new move, exaggerate it.

    -Daniel Coyle, The Little Book of Talent

    For more tips on how to refine and polish your developing talents and skills, be sure to look them up on DuckDuckGo, Google, or get yourself an Audible of Coyle's Book, The Little Book of Talent.

    Cheers, good luck to your goal, and I hope you've found these realistic, attainable, more achievable, and most helpful, encouraging and informative.


    Windylamay, I am so enjoying your first and current attempts of your practice for 2 months, of figure practice. Great job on our perpection of edges and gestures. Great job on your perception of positive and negative spaces. And more importantly, the greatest job on your perception of the relationships.

    If I was to point out one issue or regret about your quick sketches generally, though your 30 second and 60 second (1 minute) poses are the greatest, but I feel that you're using too many excessive lines, as a result of the stiffest drawings in the ruffest stages. Would you please loosen up your hands with another 30 minute class mode of figure studies, all flipped normal, horizontal and/or vertical? (all found in our class mode section)

    As a result, you'd be able to tap into drawing the figures from the right side of your brain, from your heart. And, to make your drawings the least stiffest and the most dynamic, energetic, vital and fluidest. If you're really, completely and totally curious about that drawing, please check out this link here.

    Hope this link helps.


    Well, sietu, I completely and really admire your current efforts of the croquis. Great work on your organic forms and gestures, greater job on every one of them.

    So, in order to help you ease yourself into the shading, atelier-Charles-Bargue-style, you must and oughta loosen up your lines, cause your poses are not getting enough of the freedom of graphic lines. Would you please do that with 9 minutes of 4 minutes and 30 second warm-ups? (2)

    After all, there is no right or wrong way to do things, sometimes.

    Mostly, when you're getting the fluid drawing, it's best to work gradual but quickly.

    As a result, your subjects and studies will be able to achieve absolute and energetic drawn likenesses. So, take this quote with a grain of salt, but this is worth it for us. Cheers to you, and I hope this helps you out.


    Nice job on your figure sketching practice, Sietu. Nice to hear you having fun with that process. My one small issue is that though the gestural confidence of the hands and feet are really getting there, but they are way, way too scribbler and itchiest. Would you please loosen up your gestural hands with 10 minutes of 30 second hand and foot practice drawings? (20 of them) As a result, your hands and feet will become the most clearest and cleanest in terms of the lines. (despite some of the vague graphic shapes in them)

    Do. Or do not. There is no try.

    -Yoda from Star Wars Franchise

    Pardon my little Star Wars quote, but it seems quite useful to use students and pros of art, cartooning, animation and all things related. This thing is worth it.

    Hope this quote influences and inspires you.


    Thanks for the repairs.


    P.S. I hope you'll make the time for this problem, Kim and Sanne.


    Hey, Line of Action, I've got a problem. Today, when I was done typing my description, of my image that I've done that day, it started uploading, but it really crashed, and not even uploading. Please, fix it!

    And also, I'd like to thank you for the website and some newest photos.

    Polyvios Animations.