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    Nice job on your very-first drawing posts, yamikuro. I think you're on your way. I feel like that all of your poses (attitudes) are all on the right track.

    I've got one tiny, littler and smallest critique. I love how much boldness on the lines of your life drawings, but I'm afraid, a few of them seem too choppiest to me. Also that one pose that I love, though it could and should benefit from my critique of two, as illustrated here:

    The reason why I posted this is because, your idea and energy will look, seem and feel like that this figure is really yawning and stretching.

    My hat's off to you.


    I feel like you're getting somewhere, Hayunb97, and I think that you could and should work out on a concrete goal for yourself.

    Take for example,, where it has lots of lessons on some drawing fundamentals. Here's a link here.

    The reason why you could, would and should do it, as long as you follow along the lessons there, you'll be able to get a whole lot better well and faster, even though that they'll be a bit too duller and too boring for you, but a little bit of consistency is worth it.

    Tip: I suggest you go thru lesson two, and practice with 5 minutes of 30 second studies and practices of the straight lines and more. Again, it's worth it.

    Good luck and my hat's off to you.


    Nice work on your quick bodies, inkingandoverthinking, very slicker job on your line economy and quality.

    But I've got one smaller criticism. I love all of your quick poses, but I'm not getting enough of the animated cartooning in each and every one of them, though they would and could benefit from memory sketching for the rough animations. Would you please work quickest with those figure drawings with 30 minutes of 2 minute figure sketches,all from memory? (15 drawings of figures)

    The reason why you could and should do this is because, the less time you erase your drawing, the most freshest and the most spontaneous your quick sketches will ever be, especially for your storyboards, layouts and animations. And check out this free PDF of the Shamus Culhane book, see?

    Good luck to you, and I hope you'll find these completely, definitely and absolutely encouraging.

    Polyvios Animations

    P.S. Keep up the great expressivity!


    Well, Gray_Sam, I love the vitality and energy you've put into the 30 second quick poses, see? That's a very great job.

    Well, if I was to help you improve your speed and funniness in your figure poses, I'm not getting enough of the visual clarity over ambiguity, right?? Would you please draw larger, larger and larger with 10 minutes of 29 second figure gesture drawings? (600/29=21 quick scribble attitudes)

    The reason why you could, should and would do this suggestion is because, your lines of action and lines of rhythm will become the most caricatured, most exaggerated, and futhermore, the most satirized and distorted in the broadest of strokes.

    Good luck to you.


    Hey fileto, just requested access to your Google Drive page. Hope you'd please granted it to me.

    Polyvios Animations





    My Your Studio page update is broken, and it really, really, REALLY won't let me progress with my drawing practice. The reason why is because, every time I refresh the page, my numbers for the week don't change today. Would you please do something with that elephant in my room? Thanks in advance.

    Your avid and dedicated student,

    Polyvios Animations


    Here is my image of my technical issue.


    I have a very seriously tougher technical problem, Kim.

    Every time I reload my Your Studio page, it does one of two issues, it either doesn't update my number of days or numbers of minutes spent oracticing, or it crashes and then gives out the blasted 404 error message. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


    Polyvios Animations


    That's a very sweller job on your longer, 25-30 minute poses, miile, that's a more greater job I've seen so far, in terms on how you've constructed the forms, in terms of how you've captured the perspective, proportions and foreshortening, and in terms of the bone and muscle anatomy! far as my nitpick or two is concerned, I'd like to say that some of the edges and their perceptions are just a bit too wobbly, a bit too stiff and rigid-er. (Despite being a technically good series of longer studies) Would you like to kindly loosen and solidify the next series of nude figures with 30 minutes of 10 minute figure drawings? (3 figure drawings)

    The reason why you could and would, and should do this idea for bettering your drawing talents is because, if your next current goal it to improve your understanding of the overall proportions of the human form, and to make those proporiton drawings less stiffest, and the most dynamic, vital and energetic in the posing.

    Cheers, good luck, and hat's off to you.


    Nicest job on your Japanese comic-style 3/4 headshot, neolunare. That looks like a really great work on your goal. Question: what's your first ever current goal?

    If I could make a little bit of a criticism, it would be that though it's a little bit technically, I think, what you're going for in the Loomis method. I completely and totally feel that your Loomis cranium, in terms of your application is the teensier bit too chopped off at the top. Would you please look at a PDF, physical book, or even an ebook of Drawing the Head and Hands by Loomis? There, you'd be able to practice loosening up your Andrew Loomis head construction just a little bit more with 7 minutes of a 5 minute, and a 2 minute study, would you please do that?? While you're at it, would you also please take this image you've uploaded, duplicate it, then you flip horizontally on Preview???

    The reason why you could do this is because of two things: 1) You'd be able to check your own work; to compare and contrast with your manga head with the Loomis head to make sure your head and facial relationships are looking, and feeling correct to you. 2) To be able to look at the angles, proportions, spaces, and edges, for the sake of accuracy, or correctness.

    Sorry if you think that sounds or seems a little bit too convoluted to you, but, I'm just doing the best I can to give you some definitely concrete advice, but all in all, that you've got plenty more practice on your anime and manga style more than me.

    Good luck, cheers, and I hope you'll find these definitely and absolutely practical helpful and encouraging.

    Polyvios Animations.

    P.S. Don't get discouraged that tour studies aren't all that excellent right away. ;)


    Well, Xyz, I really think, and really, really feel that you're first-ever pre-instructional drawings are definitely on the right track, in terms of your hands and feet drawings. Nice abstract and intellectual gestures so far.

    Well, if I were to nitpick and critique your drawings, it would be that your perceptions are budding, but really, still not there yet, I think; and I feel that some of your line controls are the most too choppiest and the most unnatural so far. Would you please kindly loosen up those edges.....I mean, two suggestions: 1) Loosen up your line quality and consistency with a bunch of 30 minutes of 30 second hand and foot scribbles of cheap notebook paper, and the cheaper of ballpoint pens? (60 scribbles of hands and feet) 2) To really and completely do the Betty Edwards exercise of drawing the vase/face, from this link here. The two reasons I'm making you do these are because, first of all, to make your lines less stiffest in their gestures, plus to make them more boldest, most dynamic, most energetic, and most fluid and liveliest; and second of all, to get your untapped right side of your brain into action, in service of perceiving your edges (outlines), drawing out the most complex imagery, without any of your verbalization.

    In conclusion, good luck to you, and I hope you've found these completely and totally detailed and informative.


    Well, well, BrianH, that's a really great job on your gestures, and a really, really greater job on sculpting the gestures out for the forms.

    My littlest bit of criticism is, that though I love the speed and proficiency of the 30 second quick attitudes, or poses, but I just can't get enough of the forms and the details, totally and completely obeying the gestures; or forces, on the much longest drawings that you've drawn from 5-10 minutes. Would you like to loosen up and draw largest with a 10 minute quick yet deliberate study, pretty please???

    The reason why you could and should do this littler idea is because, it can help you improve your understanding of your overall proportions of the human forms, while in the meantime, maintaining the spontaneity in the quick sketches of the poses.

    Hope they've been completely, totally, and positively helpful.


    Well, N2l, I just need to say, that's a very sweller job on your line of action poses. Very organic and flowing, indeed! I've got one tinier, littlest nitpick. I love the intentional and deliberate lightness of your lines, but I'm just don't and can't get enough of the strongest lines of action, and lines of rhythm in those forms. Would you please work on loosening up and enlarging the graphic lines with 10 x 119 second poses of the dynamics? (all on the custom timer on Line of Action, and all flipped horizontally or vertically)

    The reason why you could do this?? As long as you try out that custom timer, on your figure quick sketches, those quick sketches will become the most largest, longest, feeling the lightest, and the most cartooniest, liveliest, and most animated in those drawing.

    Good luck to you. Keep up the good work, and I hope you'll find these completely and totally useful.