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    Well, well, well, tt_taniel, I love how much range of expression and movement and emotion you've got in your figures, faces, hands, and feet.

    However, I've got one tiny critique: I love how much range of action you've got in your gesture poses, but I'm not getting enough exaggeration in either one, especially in the hands and feet. Would you please free up your whole arm with 33 minutes of 30 second quick attitudes of hands, feet, heads, and bodies??? (1980/30=66 loose sketch exercises)

    The reason why???? As a result, your lines of action and rhythm will become even more boldest.

    For more information on sketching out your observations distinctly, here is a link to Nick Meglin's Drawing From Within

    It's from, and if you're very interested in seeing the pages, I recommend you to sign up and borrow that book.

    Cheers, and I hope you've found this completely helpful.


    Well, honestly, Legacy55, I really think you're on the right track in terms of your figure drawings.

    Question: What is your recent goal?

    Critique: I love the light touch of the feeling that comes across the life drawings, but I'm not feeling there's enough of the exaggerated humor and funniness in the poses. Why don't you please caricature the lines of action just a little bit the most? though 30 minutes of 30 second warm-up sketches of manners?? (60 drawings)

    And you wanna know why??? It's because it can help make your drawings more funny, but with a light touch.

    And if you wanna see more information and details, be sure to look up the digital copy of Nick Meglin's Drawing From Within. But, if you need to see it, also be sure to sign up for your account, or guest account on this book on

    So, my hat's off to you, and cheers.


    Nice work, sludge!

    I suggest that some of the quick poses are a bit too rigid, and I really need to see a lot more life and fun to them. Why don't you please loosen yourself up and lighten your touch up, with 30 minutes of 29 second quick sketches???? (1800/29=62 quick light scribbles)

    The reason why is because of this video right here:

    And because, if you need a goal for getting the chance to kiss the paper or screen, then I encourage you to go with it.

    Good luck to you.


    Nice work on rendering your male figure standing attitude, Jason, that's a very technically good job.

    Again, I really feel that it's a teeny bit too rigid and stiff there. Why don't you please liven yourself up with your line quality, by working out with 156 minutes of 30 second attitudes??? (156 x 60/30=9360/30=312 ruff poses/5 days a week=62 crude poses a day, in a week, all flipped horizontally and/or vertically, or normal, thru the special tools for our members on Line of Action; Or you can take a screenshot of each pose, so that you would flip them yourself)

    The reason why you could and should go with this extremely and totally beneficlal critique is so, that you would be able to tap into your perceptions of the figures' edges, and the right side of the brain, even if it's through the quicker gestures. And that applies to your amazing head drawings. For more info, I encourage you look up for the PDFs or the books, or ebooks of the Loomis and Reilly figure drawing and head sketching books.

    So, cheers, and hat's off to you.


    Say, say, sjham, way to go on those 30 second sketches! And most importantly, way to go on those 30 minute class pictures!! I really love the amount of vitality and efficiency in those quick 30 sec scribbles.

    Again, if I was to give you an extremely honest critique, it would be that the energy is really getting there, but I'm just not getting enough of the distortion of these lines of action of these sketches.

    And as for another one, it would be that the proportions and silhouettes of those 5 and 10 minute rough poses are really falling into place, and my totally and extremely sincere advice, then why don't you please loosen up those edges and perception of spaces even more than further on your next goal.

    For only the first critique, why don't please relax and grease up your action and movement of your doodles with 155 more minutes of 29 second quick attitudes of the figures?? (155 x 60/29 second, 9300/29=321 scrawls/4 days a week=80 rough and crude sketches a day, in one week) 29 seconds is thru our custom timer on the figure drawing sessions.

    The reason why is because of two excuses: First to make your figure poses less rigid, and second to make your bodies more organic, flexible and plastic, and greasy-looking and -feeling in terms of your lines of action and rhythm.

    If you wish to make this your current goal, then allow yourself to make that.

    Good luck, and have fun with it!


    Whymaple, thanks for the great job on your observational gestures and forces.

    Nice work, but I've got one honest critique, I love the forms and anatomy, but I really want to see more cartoony shapes, like Emery Hawkins, which you will now see:

    And while you're at it, why don't you please find a way to download this video for your current studies, right away;go to any video downloading site, or get a video downloader for your computer, and download this video into your hard drive, then play it on Quicktime, or any frame-by-frame player; go frame by frame with each force sketch, by going thru 11 minutes of 30 second poses?? (660 seconds/30 second=22 quick sketches of the poses)

    The reason why you could do this is because, if your custom goal is to get more appealing squash and stretch into your animations, plus getting more organic cartooniness, then so be it.

    So, good luck to you, and happy sketching!

    Polyvios Animations

    P.S. I just joined LoveLifeDrawing


    Well, yangrc, I totally love how gestural your drawings have become, so far, so good.

    Again, if I would provide you a totally sincere flak, I suggest that some of the figure bodies are just a little bit to rigid, and there's not enough squash-and-stretch. Why don't you please do more of that, with 15 minutes of 30 second warm-up bad writings? (900 seconds/30 secs=20 sketches)

    The reason why you could use this suggestion is because, to reduce stiffness in your gesture poses, and to give them more of that dynamic, energetic, vital, and fluid quality.

    To see more of what I mean, be sure to check out this link right here:

    And this image of what I mean:

    Thanks for reading, and good luck to you. Cheers.

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    Well, march, that's a very great work of performance of the 10 minute sketches. Very amazing work on the foreshortening. Incredibly dynamic job on the proportions and perspecitve on the human forms, indeed.

    So, if I was to give you a postively and completely truthful suggestion, I'd say, I feel a bit of rigidity in most of the 10 min bodies, here. I've got two pieces of advice: 1) Please use a timer, or timer app on your iDevice or Android, to discipline yourself in your drawing warm-ups. (2) If you want more faster, and more than confident strokes, then I encourage you to please use your whole entire shoulder and arm, instead of just your wrist. The reasons are because: First of all, it could be useful and encouraging to your learning curve in anything(and everything, I mean it), if you'd get a whole lot better with practice, and more; second, to be able to use lesser and less muscles to co-ordinate, because it can and shall be able to get your much more broad strokes down pat.

    For more details, here is a link:

    BTW, good luck, cheers to you, and I hope you've found these completely and totally beneficial, useful, helpful, and informative.


    Well, JJArtStar, way to go on your very first (?) 30 minute class drawings and sketches. What I love in your drawings is how slow and careful your 10 minute study, and how bold and dynamic your 30 second and 1 minute scribbles are for these poses. If I should be able to give you a completely and totally critique, it would be able to suggest that your ideas and energies are, to be honest- I don't feel enough animation and boldness, and broadness in the lines of action and rhythm. Why don't you please crank out more quick scrawls with 157 minutes of 29 second quick attitudes? (157 x 60/29, 9420/29=325 quick sketches to crank out for exercise)

    Confidentially, I know that it's gonna be a lot of long work, but it's gonna be totally worth it, in the end...!

    The reason why you would and could do this suggestion is as a result, you'd be able to reduce your drawing design's stiffness and rigidity, and to make it more dynamic, vital, and energetic, in making your cartoons more exaggerated in the fluidity of the poses.

    To really get you going on this, here:

    JJ, this is an image from Animation Resources (

    And so, my hat's off to you and your current goal, and I hope you'll find these definitely and totally useful, practical, and encouraging.


    Hello there, Kate, nice work on your, what are these?- 30 minute class drawings. Nicer work on your 30 second poses!! Great job on your 1 minute and 5 minute drawings, here, too! Escpecially, your 10 minute final figures.

    What I can and shall say, that your 5 and 10 minute attitudes are very much solidly drawn in terms of the balance in the design.

    If I could suggest you a totally honest and sincere criticism, I mean, a piece of advice, either. First, I feel that most of your quick sketches are a bunch of rigid and stiff brick poses, and I think you're getting a great confidence in your line quality. Why don't you please do the, if you haven't already, online interactive drawing tutorial here on this website? And second, there are tons of great examples structuring your characters, here is this video down below, for example:

    This video is a Kim Jung Gi lecture on construction and anatomy, here. This is useful cause he teaches the great drawing fundamentals, yet, though he teaches in Korean, but the images, speak for their education. As for the english subtitles, I don't know, maybe we can find this out.

    Piggy-backing to the online drawing tutorial here on line of action,

    ,maybe this would be able to help you loosen up your cartoon gestural sketches.

    So, good luck, and cheers to you.


    Connieeee, way to go on your 5 minute faces and expressions, that's very good graphic shapes and lines, and spaces, too!

    If I was to give you some totally honest and sincere advice, it would be this: Here:

    I love the silhouettes and how organically they read as the outlines of your heads, but I think they're they're, still, I really don't feel like there is enough cartooniness in the faces. Would you please push these positive shapes, and pull those negative spaces?? Why don't you please loosen up and liven up those facial expressions, with 30 minutes of 2 minute drawings? (15 2 minute expression drawings)

    The reason why you could do these critiques is because, it can, shall, and will be able to develop and refine your eye for design, and to help your current goal. If it's to help improve and caricature my perception of spaces on my faces and head angles, then I suggest, allow, and encourage you to go ahead with it.

    For more information on how to quick sketch your heads and facial features, then please check out this video.

    Cheers to you, Connie!


    Nicely excellent job on your faces and heads, Dorthea. Love the gesture and construction you've got going for them.

    Well, if I was to give you a totally honest critique on them, is that most of the heads, although they're very solid on the shapes, lines and spaces, but I really can't help but sense some fearfullness and timidity in the line control and quality. Why don't you please be more cuthroat, bolder, and loosest with the head and expression lines with 14 minutes of 2 minute sketches of those faces and expressions??????????? (7 drawings of heads and expressions of you and models)

    The reason?????????? It's because it could and should be able to reduce the rigidity of your shorthands, and to make them cartoony, animated, more vital, and the most energetic. (Hey, at least you'd be able to make more comical and comedic exaggerations of facial anatomy and muscles:D) If this is going to be your newer current goal, then I recommend, allow and encourage you to go ahead with it.

    Well, greetings from Salem, MA, USA, and cheers to you!!!


    Wow! YOWZA!! That's some very fluider and organic quick attitudes you've got there.

    So, if I was to make a suggestional critique, is that I love the grace and fluidity of this ballerina pose in the last and second image, that I really don't get enough of the caricatured feeling and the exaggerated c and s curves in the lines of action of that ballet dancer. Why don't you please go wild and crazy with your whole shoulder with more dancing bodies with 60 minutes of 29 second quick sketches????????? (3600 seconds/29 secs=125 warm-up drawings of them)

    The reason why is because, it would and should be able to make your reduce rigidity in the manners, and to make them feel like cartoons and caricatures as lines of action and rhythm go, but otherwise, they'll all do in your portfolio. For more details, be sure to check out parts 1 and 2 of the Tim Gula episode of Proko on Youtube.

    Well, cheers, good luck, and my hat's off to you, and I hope you've found these vids informational and helpful.


    Great job on your pose composition, SnailsAndRavens, that is totally and totally excellent and awesome job.

    If I would be able to give you a sincere critique on this picture, then it would be to say that most of the faces (rotated accidentally, forgiven) are a bit too rigider here. Would you please be able to completely and fairly loosen yourself up on your face and expression gesture drawings, with 159 minutes of 30 second drawings and warm-up doodles????? (159 x 60/30/5, 9540/30/5 days, 318/5=64 warm-up scribbles a day)

    The reason why you should be able to help yourself is because, you'd be able to get a lot of exaggerated and more than appealing range of expressions and emotions, in your heads, if you could be able to apply this into your manga-influenced cartoons.

    So, cheers, good luck, and my hat's off to you.


    Nicest job on being totally, so well-rounded on your 30 minute class mode there. Nice broad strokes and solid forms, great going! Marvelous job, kumotori!!

    Well, if I was to help you out, then what's your goal? And another thing, my advice is to help you out on making your organic shapes and forms more fluider and loosest, by means of going through 156 minutes of 26 second stroke sketches?? (156 x 60/26/2 days in a week, 9360/26/2, 360/2=180 sketches a day) The reason why you'd do this advice is because of two things: First of all, it's to help you make your goal more clearer, and second of all, to help out on making your shapes and proportions less stiffer, and more solid, fluidest, and lively.

    Good luck with your new goal, and cheers to you.