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    That's some amazing work, eteng. They are amazing sketches because of how much I love the fluidity and life in these quick poses! Uh, I've looked at most of them as I browse through the photos I've duplicated, then rotated, and later, grayscaled, flipped, and rotated them. Their proportions are OK, but I think you're getting better at most of them. :)

    Well, to answer your question, just to better improve your 5 and 10 minute figure drawings, would and could you please go with the, if you haven't already, the Learn to Draw interative tutorial in this website??

    The reason why you could and should do this little tutorial is because, though the gesture part is more natural to you, then you would take lesser effort in the construction and relationships in the human forms.

    If you really want to help yourself to totally understand the proportions and angles, be sure to please use these images here:

    Although there are plenty of proportions still available on searches like DuckDuckGo and Google, they could and would be extremely and completely useful and concrete to your studies.

    Good luck and my hat's off to you, and I hope you've found these helpful and informative.


    Do you have to use any and every pose for free??


    Nice work on breaking away from contours, eteng. That's the greatest job I've ever seen! I can really feel the forces coming through!

    So, in order to better focus on your current goal, why don't you please work with a softer crayon, grease pencil preferred?? You could find those online, or a Dick Blick near you. And while you're at it, please do 10 minutes of 30 second poses done all standing up?

    As a result, you'll be able to make your sketches less stiffer, and the most dynamic, light, and lively.

    Good luck with my critique!


    Nice activity you've got going, bryanchoo1997. (Especially on the 4 minute quick sketches) Great job on articulating the gestures and constructions of the human forms, they are something.

    Well, my bit of advice would and could be that you should please vary the CSI's (not related to some LA show) (I mean those straight lines and curves), thru 150 minutes of 30 second drawing exercises [150 x 60/30, 9000/30=300 exercise warm-ups], all flipped horizontally and/or vertically, and with/without grayscale?

    The reason why?? Because it should be able to stylize the tones and values in lines and shapes, which can be useful in simplification, and to help make your poses less stiff, and more dynamic, energetic, fluid, and vital. If that's gonna be your goal, then go with it.

    If you wish to draw for animated cartoons, then please, I need you to check out Andreas Deja's blog,, and look up Ward Kimball on the search engine here, to help you on your cartooning and caricatures.

    So, my hat's off to you, and I hope you've found these definitely and absolutely beneficial, helpful, newsy, and encouraging.


    Hello, Drawing, just asked for permission tonight.


    Well, Jon_draws1242, Ok, I love your 1 minute poses, but I have to say that you're on the right track.

    My issue is that some of the fast poses are a bit too stiffest. Why don't you please loosen yourself up to the max, with 149 minutes of 30 second attitude sketches?????? (149 x 60/30, 8940/30=298 spontaneous scribbles of figures, no offense :))

    I really, really feel that it'll be finer that although your rapid lightning poses will become nothing but scribbles, so just please trust me? You'll be able to kiss the paper more effectively and boldly.

    The reasons why is because of two reasons: First of all, it's to help make your poses less stiffer, and the most dynamic, energetic, and fluid; and if that's gonna be your next goal, then so be it. And second, to help out on the improvements of the human figure thru the static and dynamic.

    My hat's off to you, and I hope you've found these definitely and absolutely beneficial, helpful, and encouraging.

    In the meantime, scope this YouTube video down below:

    Good luck from me to you, and happy sketching! :)


    I love the lines of animation and action, Pomdedetree. Great work on loosening yourself up on your rhythmic edges you've gotten into your attitudes.

    Yet, I've been duplicating, grayscaling, flipping and rotating those pictures, and I must do say that you're gettin' somewhere on the burlesque aspect of the scribbles, however, I totally want, and need to look for more, more, more, and more of that in the next post. Would you please go for 147 more minutes of 29 second life poses????????? (147 x 60/29, 8820/29=304 gestural sketches)

    I really feel that it's all right to be even more sketchy in your next set of sketches, as a result, your animation speed will improve in record time.

    The reason why you could and would and should do this little, tinier suggestion is because, your poses for animation will become the least stiffest and the most fluid and lively. I think and feel that you'll really make your own flip book on sticky notes just by quick sketching.

    Look at this little video right here to get you started:

    My hat's off to you on your future goals and posts, and I hope you've found these completely and positively productive and encouraging.


    Hey there, eteng. Say there, nice work on your lines of action and rhythm on those satires of figure drawings!

    Well, if I was to give a very totally honest critique, it would and could be that I really don't think that the outer contour is helping you out there. I feel that you need to lighten yourself up with long lines with life.

    Why don't you please go for 146 minutes of 20 second poses of figures????????? (146 x 60/20, 8760/20=438 warm up practice sketches)

    I really feel that it's OK to accept that your 20 second doodles will become more and more sloppy than the 30 second poses.

    The reason why you could do this suggestion is because, you'll be able to strengthen your lines of rhythm and lines of action even more gutsily and spontaneously than before.

    Good morning, afternoon or evening; good luck, and I hope you've found this completely and totally informative and educational and liberating, creatively.


    Awe-inspiring work and totally fantastic job, Dorthea2410. Way to go, pal!

    Again, I've got one smallest improvement. I love how much life and energy you've got into your scrlbbly poses, but I really need to see even more parody into those poses. Why don't you please go for 148 more minutes of 29 second figure practice poses???? (148 x 60/29, 8880/29=306 warm-up gestures for your portfolio) In the meantime, please check out this video?:

    The reason is because, though they can help you out on your energy sketches of your figures, they can also help you refine your skeleton poses through quick gestures of exaggerations.

    My hat's off to you, and good luck from me.


    Well, well, well! Eteng, that's a lot of animation and life in those sketches you've got there!!!! Way to go!!!!

    Still, I've got one little request: I love how much vitality you've got going in your practices, but why don't you please caricature those bodies even far more through 146 more minutes of 30 second warm-ups? (146 x 60/30,8760/30=292 practice attitudes, all flipped horizontally and/or vertically, or not.)

    In the meantime, what is your current goal as we speak?

    The reason why you would answer these questions is because, your figure drawing farces will become the least contrived, and the most loosest, freewheeling and the totally grotesque, despite that it might be all a bunch of scribbles. Not to mention, it can and shall help out your right side of your brain, positively.

    My lucky strike to you, and I hope you'll find these completely and totally encouraging and informative.

    Polyvios Animations.


    Look up this Betty Edwards video right down here:


    Well there, Snails, I've seen your very first 10 minute sketch of a face. I must completely and totally say, that your potential is definitely on the right track.

    And as for a tiny bit of aid, it would be to say that your face is a little bit scribbly for my tastes, yet it needs to be more loose and bolder. Why don't you please go for 10 minutes of 5 minute faces and expressions????????? (10/5=2 drawings of expressions)

    The reason why you would be trying and be going to do this is because, your faces will slowly become the least stiff, and gradually become more fluid, vital, and lively, but your myelin will thank your for this special task for you. If you really need more unique info, be sure to look up a PDF, or an out-of-print book, of Nick Meglin's Drawing from Within. (Mad Magazine)

    Good luck from me, and I hope you've found this definitely and absolutely useful and encouraging.


    Well there, Dorthea, I've looked at, flipped, rotated, and grayscaled all of your photographs, it they state to me, that, as far as gestural sketching with an emphasis on realism goes, you're definitely on the right track.

    So, I've got one tiny little, and smaller bit of advice, it would be these two: I love the range of animation and motion on your skull and nude figures; especially the skull, nicely observed, but I really want to work out your myelin with this link right here: Line of Action Learn to Draw here (hope this works, if it fails, please look for it....!) And while you're at it, unwind yourself with 141 minutes of 29 second poses, pretty please????? (141 x 60/29, 8460/29=292 quick drawings of poses, bones and muscles)

    The legitimate reason why is because of two things: First of all, if you want your gestures to have some realism, then please go for it. And second of all, this link right here: As a result, it's from the Daniel Coyle advice book, The Little Book of Talent, where this bit of advice is:

    Practice doesn't makes perfect; Practice makes myelin, and myelin makes perfect.

    My thumbs up to you, good luck from me to you, and I hope you'll find these completely and absolutely concrete and beneficlal.

    Polyvios Animations.


    Some very good abstract art, that your high school teaches, always come from a great classical training. So please take it with a grain of salt. Have a great morning.


    Nice job on your quick sketches, Dorthea2410! You're on the right track on capturing figures as wholes! (or a whole)

    Well, if I could provide you a sincere critique, it could be this: I love the motion and animation in those poses, but I really need to see more and more of them in your next post. Why don't you please go for 140 minutes of 29 second quick attitudes????? (140 x 60, 8400/29=about 290 figure cartoons, all flipped horizontally and/or vertically)

    The reason why you could and should do this great advice is because, it's because it could and would, help you out on thinking visually in your sketches quickly. For more info, look up two volumes of the Walt Stantchfield books, Drawn to Life, on Book or Kindle, on

    Good luck to you from me, and I hope you'll find this completely and totally informative, helpful, and encouraging.


    WOW!! That's a very, very beautiful facial expression drawing you've got on your Google link, dina! That's so excellent. Nicest job EVER!!! What I love about this is how much gesture you've put into the construction with greater ease.

    My advice is this suggestion: I love how much speed you've felt into the broad strokes, but I am totally hooked on them obsessive-compulsively. (I think, to me, that's a very good thing) Why couldn't you please take it easy with 138 more minutes of 29 second funny face cartoons????? (138 x 60/29, 8280/29=286 loose drawings of facial exaggerations)

    And you wanna know the reason or two why??????? Because it can and shall, and in the future will have helped you with your looser and more unbounded feeling in your caricatures and exaggerations, and funny satires of facial expressions that tell stories and communicate characters and gags. For more than enough basic information, please check out these links:

    These two links are from two Disney Aniamation legends/legacies, Andreas Deja, and Shamus Culhane. The latter link is all text, but if you can read them very carefully, and take notes, you'll get to understand it.

    Good fluke to you, and I hope you've found these totally and absolutely concrete enough.


    Dinadomingues, would you mind if I asked you if you could please give me access to your google drive drawing files?????

    Polyvios Animations.
    P.S. Keep up the greatest work!!!!!!!!!